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You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Motueka, New Zealand on TripAdvisor: Motueka is a coastal town on the western side of Tasman Bay, in the northern part of the southern island of New Zealand. The Motueka (pronounced mott-oo-ecka, meaning "Island of Weka") is a busy agricultural centre and a good starting point to explore the Nelson region. The Motueka is located on the small Motueka Plain near the mouth of Motueka on the western shore of Tasman Bay. Cheap motels in Motueka, New Zealand at good availability and prices.

There is a vibrant coffee shop and two beautiful nearby nature reserves.

There is a vibrant coffee shop and two beautiful nearby nature reserves. Motueka is a bustling city during the crop season. Municipal orchards and hop farmers hire seasonsal workers to bloat the populace, and many people use the city as a base for exploring the Abel Tasman and Kahurangi NP.

There is a small open-air restaurant and a small open-air restaurant in the city - you can even have lunch in a renovated chapel on the mall. The Motueka also has a vibrant arts and crafts scene, so the handicraft and arts gallery is definitely a must see. Approx. 7,120 inhabitants, i-SITE, good selection of stores and service.

Motueka, New Zealand

The city Motueka is a coastal city on the west side of Tasman Bay, in the north part of the southern island of New Zealand. Though Motueka is the center of many tourism activity, especially during the peak seasons, it is a flourishing city with a diverse economic base largely founded on fruitful gardening and agronomy.

Motueka is basically a city of services whose economies are founded on gardening, farming, fishing, forest management and touring. The tourist industry is becoming more and more important in Motueka's constant development, which supports the development of a broad variety of stores and restaurants as well as various sports and leisure activities.

Many of the inhabitants have opted for a healthy life style, leading to a powerful sense of belonging. The city also has a powerful Maori story and a lasting presente. Long summers and cold summers draw many to the city and a large number of them chose Motueka as their home.

Motueka was in fact the name given to the stream by the first Maori colonists. Their name was Te Maatu, which means "the great forest", the country around the city. Motueka was one of three Maori who took the first Maori in the area of Hawaiki, the Maori's native country, before they traveled across the ocean to New Zealand.

Both the other two were Takaka and Aorere, both important places in the area. They should not be translated literally, any more than Motueka. It is the closest big hillside to the municipality, characterised by the radio/television station at the top (bottom right in the picture).

The Atiawa observes that Pukeone (meaning as much as Sandh├╝gel ) is the place where Te Atiawa bore the sands towards the top of the mound to indicate the town. Ngati Rarua has been given the name Pukeone by Karero, and one hypothesis is that it is an early name of a twopuna that may belong to one of Rakaihautu's parties.

However, the interpretation of San Hill can be linked to the practise of bearing sands to the top of Mount Maunga, where bonfires were set off to tell of particular events. This is the biggest chain of mountains in the area, often covered with snows in summer and summer (on the bottom of the picture on the left).

Wharepapa is a holy forefather, Ngati Tama realizes, that he establishes a historic and mental connection to the nature and nature. The Wharepapa is the highest maiunga of the Taqiwa and a crucial connection to the ghosts. The highest summit of these mountains is Tu Ao Wharepapa (Mt Arthur) and one of the two holy mahunga for the Motueka-Manavhenua.

His meaning is epitomized in the book "Ko Tu Ao Wharepapa te marunga, ko Ngati Rarua te iwi....". There are also a number of holy caverns or tomos within this area.

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