Guam Dimensions

The Guam dimensions

Bio-medical research at the University of Guam. This paper is an attempt to apply Hofstede's model of cultural dimensions. The Approach Control and Guam Departure Control units control air traffic in Guam. Guam has garbage container sizes to meet all your needs in Guam. Survey on school readiness to inform the school readiness plan for Guam.

Using technique to create the solution

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Marianas & Guam - Human dimensions of large marine reserves

From May to August 2015, Dr. Rebecca Gruby and Robbie Greene did research at the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument (MTMNM) in the US Territories of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). The MTMNM was proclaimed in January 2009 and is one of two longer term locations that have been added to our survey.

It covers 250,487 km2 of underwater areas and water and includes three different "units": the water and underwater areas of the three most northern Mariana Islands (the archipelago) and the underwater areas of the Mariana Trench, as well as certain vulcanic areas (the trench unit and the volcano unit, respectively). Disaggregating the geographical limits of this isolated marine environment is a distinctive landmark that influences its control and use.

MTMNM is a vibrant research location, partly due to socio-political changes in Northern Mariana Islands. It was named at a period when the CNMI was preparing for an increased US army involvement in the arcipelago and the US labour and migration law to apply to the Commonwealth.

Ongoing attempts to co-ordinate the administration of the MTMNM among the German and Commons agency have been hampered by a wider policy effort involving the transfer of defunct land from the United States to the National Museums of America (CNMI) administration, which includes those within the borders of historical monuments. The MTMNM, as a longstanding major MPA, will remain a living case studies site as emerging governing mechanisms, developing multi-scale policies and the continued existence of culture links to secluded oceans emerge.

We' d like to thank all people in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands & Guam (and beyond) who volunteered their spare minute and support for this work. If you would like more information about our research on the MTMNM' s dimensions, please email Rebecca Gruby at

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