Things to do in Bora Bora

What you can do in Bora Bora

to do Bora Bora Island things: These are the most important things you can do in Bora Bora for enthusiastic tourists: You have many ways to stay busy in French Polynesia, and many adventurous things in Bora Bora. Activities on the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora. Enjoy world-class diving, snorkelling and water sports.

Activities & Sports in Bora Bora with Maupiti

The Bora Bora offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits for a small town and of course most of them are on or in the area. Cycling, quads, walking, parasailing and even heli trips are available onshore. It is not possible to ride on Bora Bora and because of the hot weather it is not very favourite.

When you book, ask if there is a place for you. The Tupuna Mountain Safari. Take Tupuna Mountain Safari to the mountains to test the weapons of World War II. A view over the Laguna and the Isles..... There is a one hrs detour around the isle ( "without too much stopping") and about fourhrs cycling.

This is Bora Bora Voile. The Bora Bora Voile boat trip includes round islands, two-hour, sundown and full-boat trips on the Taaroa III boat. Adventure Moana Tour. There are two possibilities for avid anglers: angling in the Laguna (easy angling in the lagoon) and..... This is Bora Bora Safari Land. The Bora Bora Safari Land offer tour on the islands in air-conditioned busses, window-cooled lorries or an eight-seater VW.....

The Matira Jet Tours. Enjoy two hrs on a two-seater jet ski to circumnavigate the islands, visit a privately owned isle, and..... Sailor Bora Bora Para Sail. The Bora Bora Para Sail takes you to great altitudes. The Matira Jet Tours. The Matira Jet Tours also offers quad tours inside the major isle.

Children's activites in Bora Bora

The Bora Bora is an isle in French Polynesia, located on the Pacific Ocean and a favourite destination for tourists because of its volcanos and sandy beach. Even though often on honeymoon or romantically holiday, Bora Bora offers a wide range of beach for the family. There are also guided walks on the islands for those with kids, which include glass-bottomed boating and mini-vaning.

Accommodation is available in Bora Bora resort facilities with child-friendly facilities such as music. All over Bora Bora you will find sandy areas for all kinds of aquatic activities such as yachting, windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing and canoeing. In Bora Bora, many lakes - even those in the Lagoonarium - have reef and garden corals, creating a scenic snorkelling area.

There are businesses in different areas of Bora Bora that provide lessons for those who want to study Jetski, Waterski or Kitesurf. There are many 4x4 vehicle routes in Bora Bora that take you through areas that can only be reached by 4x4s. Tupuna Safari 4X4 and Maohi Nui Tour offers a variety of activities for the whole family, including the Otemanu mountain, the sandy beach of Bora Bora, the Tahaa and Maupiti Island and fishing on the Toupa.

Four safari jeeps provide information for the family about historical sites such as the "Guns of Bora Bora", a group of World War II cannons used by the US military when stationing in Bora Bora. All over the islands you will find businesses that hire bikes. Individuals with kids can discover the islands and watch the beach, lagoon and mountain from afar, while cycling along the cobbled trails of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora gives kids and grown-ups the chance to interactively encounter a variety of seafood, stingray and shark. A number of businesses - Bora Bora Discovery and Moana Adventure Tours among them - offer snorkel excursions where kids can handle and nurse the stingray and shark. In the Bora Bora Bora Bora lagoon there are colourful tropic species of seafood such as eagles, tortoises, dolphins and eel.

The Bora Bora gallery provides youngsters with information about the different groups that have shaped Bora Bora's cultur. In the Bora Bora Gallery and Arte de Pacifique, homes can buy handicrafts or works of arts from them. There are many amenities available that include a restaurant with children's entertainment, music and dance performances, child-friendly public baths, on-site beach, bowls and bowls alley, play areas with videogames, mini-folf, snorkelling gear hire, boating trips or more.

In St. Regis Bora Bora Resort kids can take part in sandburgenbau, Polish arts, swim or sail. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora has young adult robes and sandals, a small kids paddling pool, DVDs with child-friendly films and free toy on the beaches. Bora Bora Pearl Resort and Spa has a reef gardens where visitors can snorkel.

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