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Map of Kadavu Fiji

The wind energy assessment of two locations in Fiji is presented. The Kadavu Island and Suva Peninsula. With Fiji Link you can discover the magic and diversity of the Fiji Islands. Most of my cultural psychological research focuses on working with indigenous iTaukei Fijians living in rural areas on the remote islands of Fiji. Further main islands are Taveuni, Kadavu, Rabi, Vatulele, Beqa and Qamea.

Evaluation of the Fiji Islands' windpower resources: Island Kadavu and peninsula Suva

The evaluation of windfarms was conducted at two Fiji facilities. First was the Suva municipal promontory and the other isolated island of Kadavu. The Suva site registered a max. windspeed of 6.38 ms-1 and Kadavu 3.88 ms-1 at 34 ASL. WAsP simulates a high-resolution windresource chart of both plants.

Suva Peninsula showed good windpower potentials for the Bay of Laucala. The evaluation of two Fiji locations is presented. Kadavu Island's offshore windfarm is being analyzed together with the Suva Peninsula. First has mean windspeeds of 3.59 ms-1 and 3.88 ms-1 at 20 and 34 meters above sea floor (AGL).

This last has mean windspeeds of 5.65 ms-1 and 6.38ms-1. For both locations the predominant windward directions correspond to the southeast one. Windshear analyses show the fluctuations of windspeeds at different times of dail. The WAsP sofware simulates a high-resolution windresource chart for a 5 km area.

For Kadavu, the WasP study shows good offshore windpower growth opportunities for the Kadavu Blank. Suva Peninsula showed good growth prospects for the Laucala Bay Area. The Vestas V27 225 kW turbines are used for a site-specific performance assessment.

Matawa - Use our interactive map

The only AAA Star Resort on Kadavu Iceland, (3.5 stars) Matava is situated on the southeast side of the archipelago with a view of the world-famous Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. There is also a small libary and a visitor loading area for notebooks, camcorders, trays and Wi-Fi. The town of Matava is situated on the Kadavu archipelago, one of the few unbuilt Fiji islets.

This is Fiji's 4th biggest isle and is located 100 km southwards of the Viti Levu isle.

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