Paradise Taveuni Island Resort

Taveuni Island Paradise Resort

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Situated at the southern tip of Fiji's northern island of Taveuni, Paradise Taveuni is a remote and secluded seaside boutique property. The Paradise Taveuni Resort is as close to nature as you wish, in traditional Bure accommodations and on the beautiful South Pacific Island right on your doorstep. Is the resort offering fishing as an option or is it privately chartered? Do the resort offer a spa service for massages?

Taveuni Paradise

Taveuni Paradise says about itself: The Paradise Taveuni is a 5 hectare seaside resort with an unparalleled depth front that allows visitors to go diving, snorkelling and swimming in untouched hot tropic seawater at any hour of the morning and evening.

Vuna Village is located on a wonderful sandy shore just 10 minutes by car from Paradise Taveuni Resort or 40 minutes on foot. You can be picked up by the resort chauffeur when you are prepared to go back to paradise in the mornings, afternoons or all days.

For those who plan a Fiji marriage, we can arrange it at Paradise Taveuni. In Fiji, a marriage would be an unforgettable event not only for the newlyweds but also for the other participants of the family. In Fiji, the drinks are extraordinary and it is definitely a good idea to try them.

The Thoughts on Paradise TaveuniParadise Taveuni is a high-quality resort off the beaten tracks on the island of Taveuni, the third largest island in the Fiji group. The Taveuni is of vulcanic origins, so there is very little runoff from the shore and not much sands to be whirled up by storm, providing clear waters and extraordinary views for scuba diving.

There is a lovely Horizon swimming pool on the seafront. The Taveuni paradise is a great place for a restful vacation, a magnificent wedding trip and a great place for an island wedding. Resort owners/managers are particularly innovating with the service and opportunities they provide to their clients, and we will try to give you an impression.

Paradise Taveuni has an excellent Paradise Spa, open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. We also offer a large selection of country trips that we can prepare and pre-book for you - these are our favourites:

The Paradise Taveuni packages are also highly original. Deluxe Oceanfront Bures offers a FREE Sunset or Vow Renewal Package for those who stay 7 or longer in Deluxe Oceanfront Bures. Paradise Taveuni offers its clients a great number of accommodation packages. Diving and Excursion High Speed Catamaran The Taveuni Explorer.

Advising Paradise Taveuni: This newcomer to the island will offer 40 day trips twice a week, where visitors can snorkel the Rainbow Reef and the Ringold Island, visit Rabi and experience a Meke show by the natives of one of these isles. The Taveuni Explorer provides up to 32 dives twice a week the possibility to discover largely pristine isles and previously unreachable diving Spots.

Locations off Taveuni and the nearby isles such as Rabi, Namena, Ringold and Koro will be included. Taveuni Explorer also allows paradise guests to catch the great Fiji marlin when they are most actively fishing. It' a great choice for a great Fiji vacation, your flittering weekend or a marriage. This small resort is valued very high for its standards of amenities, service, food, diving, Paradise Spa etc.

5 night special: stay: - If you have a min. of 5 days. - If you spend a min. of 5 days. - Valid only for Deluxe Oceansview Bushes. is an open studios, while Bure's has define the bedroom and lounge. Oceansview Bures: The 5 Oceanview offices are grouped around the main lawns and yards and have terraces with terraces with garden and sea-view.

Max. occupancy: 3 Adult or 2 Adult and 2 Child up to 12 years. With breathtaking sea view over the Somosomo Strait and the neighbouring isles, the connected Deluxe Oceanfront Vale rooms are large, breezy and open in gym-styled design with lots of space for loungers and bed.

Max. occupancy Deluxe Oceanfront Vales: 3 adult or 2 adult and 2 child up to 12 years. The Deluxe Oceanfront Bures: The 5 Deluxe Oceanfront Bures are situated on the sea front of the resort next to the grass and garden. Max. occupancy: 3 Adult or 2 Adult and 2 Child up to 12 years.

Oceansview Family Bures:Situated on the sea front of the resort next to the lawns and parks. Max. occupancy: 4 Adult or 2 Adult and 4 child up to 12 years or 3 Adult and 2 child up to 12 years. With Air Fiji Domestic Airline the flight between Nadi and Taveuni's Matei Airport takes about 60 mins.

The Paradise Taveuni passengers are picked up at Matei Airport and brought to the resort by resort car on a scenically attractive stretch of about 60-minute. Transfer back is part of the resort rate. Disposable cruise on "Reef Endeavour" from Port Denarau via Northern Viti Levu, then to Levuka, the ancient Fiji capitol on Ovalau Island, then to Savu Savu and its gorgeous Big Bay in the south of Vanua Levu, before driving to Prince Charles Beach Taveuni, where you get there at 9:00 am and are taken to Paradise Taveuni.

Timetable Port Denarau to Taveuni: 3 nights one way cruise from Taveuni to Port DenarauOne way cruise with "Reef Endeavour" at Taveuni Prince Charles Beach to depart at 13:00 and to leave Port Denarau. Family & KidsParadise Taveuni is very suitable for the family. Two Deluxe Oceanfront Family Vales are of extraordinary value to the spaces and amenities they provide.

Until 4 kids can be shared with 2 adults:

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