Best Resorts in Kauai

Top Resorts in Kauai

North Shore is also home to some of Kauai's most luxurious resorts. Visit our concierge for the best prices for local activities. Visit our concierge for the best prices for local activities. Choosing a honeymoon in Hawaii was a great idea - adding Kauai to our itinerary was always a better one! Found our hotel looking for honeymoon resorts on Kauai.

2018/2019 Kauai Resorts & Hotels

Maui, known as the'Valley Isle', offers one of the most varied and scenic areas of Hawaii and is often chosen as one of the best isles in the underworld.

The Oahu is the ideal place for beginners looking for a glimpse of Hawaii's attractions - a green interiors, pulsating urban lifestyle and one of the most renowned surf spot. It is Hawaii's most beloved and advanced of all islands, combining contemporary living with Hawaii' old tradition.

Kauai Spa Resort | The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

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The Kauai Koloa LandingĀ® Resort is the ultimate resort for 2017

National Geographic called Kauai one of the best travel locations this year and we at Koloa LandingĀ® Resort know why. The Kauai has everything you would want from a paradise on a hawaiian isle and more. Everything is awaiting you at Koloa LandingĀ® Resort. The Koloa Landing Resort is located at the south tip of Kauai, Hawaii, in the middle of a luxuriant tropic area.

Offering the biggest and most prestigious mansions in Kauai. We can satisfy every wish with our first-class services, from 473 sq. ft. de luxe studio to 3,665 sq. ft. four bedroom townhouses. Each of our unbelievably equipped suite features spacious lanai (Hawaiian for verandah or veranda), gastronomic kitchen and breathtaking furniture that promises an unparalleled dining and dining area.

Be it a couples relaxation in our in-house thermal bath, the Koloa spas, or the entertainment of the guest in our 12,000 m2 conference centre, we have the room that is perfectly suited to you. At Koloa Landing resorts it's all about paradise luxuries. Throughout the year, our residence has a notable 350,000 gallon saltwater lagoon swimming area with a bath through a cave and falls as well as many other deluxe conveniences including:

Maybe you never want to go away from the Koloa Landing Resort - but it would be a disgrace not to. There are unspoilt shores where you can hire anything your hearts desire. Koloa Landing Club and concierges help you with planning your windsurfing, turtle swims, chopper trips and everything in between.

We are staffed by native, welcoming Cauaians who know the islands well and represent the Aloha ghast. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and make your reservation for your journey to Koloa.

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