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Oahu's best shopping draws are not only in Honolulu or Waikiki. Don't miss Pearlridge, located in Aiea in downtown Oahu. Explore the most beautiful boutiques, designer shops and shopping opportunities in Oahu, selected by the Travel + Leisure editorial team. Get to open another store in the heart of Oahu's shopping scene. Shopping in Oahu is one of the best things to do during the visit of the island of Oahu.

Honolulu Best Shopping

Oahu certainly has a large choice of great shopping facilities for a small isle. There are small stores of hitherto uncommon objects in the depths of Honolulu, not far from large shopping centres. Several farmer's market and fleamarkets make shopping a very special event with a few finds. Several of the island's best and most spectacular finds are hidden in marketplaces such as the Haleiwa Farmer's Market, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and the Kailua Farmer's Market.

Besides a wide range of foods on every store, these are the places to choose from domestically produced goods, accessible Asian and Pacific import and unconventional finds. The Guava Shop in Haleiwa and the Hound & Quail in Honolulu are small shops that contain a few finds found by locals that you will probably find while you browse.

The Ala Moana Shopping Center, the biggest shopping center on the island, is a more classic shopping area. When you are in the mood for a lower shopping center, Kahala Major and Aloha Tower Market Place provide much-loved smaller stores.

No matter where you are on Oahu, you will find great shopping opportunities thanks to our shopping lists. Away from Waikiki's hustle and bustle, this pleasant shopping centre provides air-conditioned comforts. The shopping centre also has a cinema with 8 screens for those who want to take a rest while shopping.

The shopping centre is the response for those looking for main stream business without the masses of people and the bustling Waikiki city. If you are a discounter shopper, you will love the view of all these marvellous places about 20 leagues from Honolulu city centre. Besides high-end places like Saks Avenue, there are also souvenir spots like Hawaii and LAL.

Kai Ku Hale on the northern shore of Haleiwa described it as one-of-a-kind, one of a kind. Charged with beautiful Hwaiian home d├ęcor, clothes, jewelry, jewellery and arts, the store is a must for astonishing local finds. The majority of what the store is selling is produced there. A lot of what's in the store has a hawaiian feel, be it a sheet or floral design on a tea cloth, local found mussels as ears or a hammering North Shore shaft in the mural.

Put in a nutshell, Hound & Quail is a crucible of jewellery and collectors' pieces from all over the globe and has some of the most original memorabilia and home accessories you will find. Featuring collectables, this is not your usual cobwebshop run by an older man, Hound & Quail is the idea of a Hawaiian Airlines pilots and friends collecting uncommon and one-of-a-kind objects from all over the globe.

Hound & Quail's offer is as special as the opening times (only Mondays from 17.00 to 20.00, with a Saturday shopping market). This shopping centre at the harbour, dominated by the imposing Aloha Tower, offers a view of the old Hawaii, completely with docking boats and tourist masses.

There are many stores offering great souvenirs and lots of gifts. Situated in the centre of Honolulu, the site provides a little getaway from the bustling Waikiki roads and the bustling shopping malls. On the Kailua Farmers Market, a tide of sellers who sell local art, handicrafts and groceries - both convenience foods and groceries.

The Kailua Farmer's Market is one of the few farmer's market on the islands that is open in the evening (unlike in the morning) and is open every Thursday from 17:00 to 19:30.

It is a great place for the visitor to get to know the locals' cultures and peoples and to taste the locals' products and good cuisine. You will definitely find your way to this extensive fleamarket, which takes place three times a day a week. Any type of goods are available from a wide range of suppliers and you are sure to find something interesting to take home or savour while you are on Oahu.

It' s a rather long shopping spree, as the stands encircle the whole arena. Clothes, meals, souvenirs, handicrafts and concealed treasure await you and can be purchased at good prizes. This is an excellent target if you just want to try out the colour of the area. The entrance fee is $1. Over 3,000 visitors come to Haleiwa Farmers Market every Sunday.

Situated directly on the lovely north coast, near excellent beach and flawless sea, the store has 50 suppliers on a daily basis. As a rule, all goods and foods must be produced and/or cultivated on site to provide a truly indigenous environment. It was moved to the wonderful Waimea valley near the Sands.

On the plastics-free supermarket, all disposables are biologically degradable and are not permitted unless used in advance. You will see that almost everyone here uses re-usable shopping bag to transport local fabric. In addition to a vast selection of handicrafts, clothes, arts and products, there are many grocery and drink stands, so that you can only come to the fair to eat.

Hawaiian shopping centre is Hawaii's biggest open-air spectacle, and with over 230 stores to be explored, you're sure to find one or two to monopolise your sophistication. This shopping centre is situated in the middle of a luxuriant landscape and also has its own ko-pond. The Ala Moana Shopping Centre can be more than a shopping adventure, as there are many places to eat and drink between the stores.

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