Island Passage Tahiti

Tahiti Island Passage

The motor yacht ISLAND PASSAGE is a beautiful little ship. This is how the'Inselpassage' was born! Iceland Escape Cruises, Auckland, New Zealand. Explore the perfectly shaped luxury small boat experience in New Zealand and Tahiti. Don't leave an island to make a passage between the islands later.

The Island Passage, the yacht adventure

All-inclusive, unsurpassed convenience is further increased by high-quality, courteous services; this is where the appeal of this boat is. To not have to be worried, to have a little something lying on the decks or the lounges, to chat with the skipper at the boat's bridges, to swim at dusk, to ask for a stroll.... all these little liberties, which make it such a relaxed place, where you can really let go.

There is no fixed breakfasts, continent buffets, warm meals and the Rolls Royce of our coffee makers.... On a motorcycle, fancy sweets, fruits & delicacies; on the boat, sweets and hearty delicacies in the afternoons and the enjoyment of clad lunch and dinner, exquisite dishes with something different and tasty every toast. Trawling during the crossing, new products from the fishers pulling next to the boat, the chef examining the fish, making the deals and the meal changes!

Available now in Euro, there are still a few staterooms for 2016 runs!

We introduce: Small ship on board the 24 guest island passage in Tahiti

Between May and October, eight- and eleven-day tours through one of the most beautiful waters in the whole wide globe take place on this boat. Price per passenger, from $4,540 for an 8-day trip, include lodging on the boat, food, all soft beverages during the trip, food, wine with evening meal, land trips according to the route, use of sea-kayaking, tender, snorkels and angling gear on the boat and a shuttle service from the Aiport.

Alternatively, an 11-day route is also available from $5,845 per passenger, upwards. Included in the packet are the pick up to the airporthotel, one overnight stay at the Intercontinental Resort Papeete (or similar), the pick up to the airfield (or jetty for an 11 day cruise) and the flight back to and from Bora Bora Bora Bora (or from Bora Bora to Papeete for an 11 day cruise).

The Island Passage averages only three to four hrs a day before anchoring every even. It is a quiet speed and plenty of opportunities for snorkelling, canoeing, standing paddling and snorkelling from the small boats or islets. Island Passage's 7th 2 metre aluminium fishermen' craft is fitted with line and line equipment and equipment for line or offshore use.

Chartered divers can go diving from a diving yacht that runs along the island passage for an extra fee; and they can take a ride on the island passage by heliport, as the ship has a heliport for a six-seat chopper. If you can get out of the blue waters, you can explore the villages of TahaĆ”, Raiatea and Huahine Island, a custard farm, small market and the Maeva Marae area.

Featuring a winery full of award-winning vintages, the winery is regularly upgraded with new publications and the rotating Island Passage range, chosen from among the crew's favourite wineries. Todd Smith, a recognised guide to small cruise ships, has been on Conde Nast Traveler's renowned Annual Travel Specialists List as an expedition specialist since 2012.

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