Is Guam a Pacific Island

Guam is a Pacific Island?

I' m a Pacific Islander, I' m from Guam. North Mariana Islands Map with few civilians and a handful of native Pacific Islanders. Guam Pacific Islands Club, Tumon Picture: This hotel is located in Tumon, near Tumon Beach and more! FEDERATE OF MICRONESIA.

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Well-known as the gate to Micronesia, Guam is where America's best days begin. An area of the United States, this breathtaking island paradise boasts wonderful shores, splendid links to golfs, walking paths, first-class shops and cosmopolitan restaurants. Guam, the turntable of the West Pacific, is three to four long minutes from Japan and South Korea and is easy to reach from the USA.

Chamorros are proud of their unmatched civilization. The Pacific Islands Club Guam is situated in Tumon on the north west shore of the community of Tamuning, the centre of Guam's tourism inland. With its Micronesia Mall, vibrant night life, fun and beautiful sandy beach with clear waters, Tumon offers high-end shops.

Discover the magical world of Guam at our Tumon Bay beach front resorts. There are two distinct periods in Guam: damp and arid. It is airy in the evening and sunshiny during the daytime. Catholics are the dominant religious group on the island. Guam's natives are known as Chamorro. Guam, however, is home to many different nations such as Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Micronesians and Americans.

Chamorro is the English speaking community on the island and many locals are speaking it at home and among mates. He teaches at all Guam Municipal Colleges. It' simple to go to Guam. A number of carriers operate from Guam via their global airports, which include China Airline, Delta Airline, Japan Airline, Korean Airline, Philippine and United.

You do not need a visas if you are a citizen of one of the 36 states participating in the United States Visas Waiver Programme.

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