Yellowstone National Park

National Park Yellowstone

We' ll show you the most important activities and the best accommodation in the park and a road trip holiday. The first national park in America is named after the river that flows through it. Find out more about the park and get directions on the map. The Yellowstone National Park guide covers everything. Find out more about the national park system and the parks presented in this documentary.

Yellowstone information and travel planner

It is an important goal for all members of the whole group. On the large circular route, the park can be viewed comfortably from their vehicles and guests can relax at one of the many pick nick spots on the side of the street. The park offers a wide range of activities for the keen tourist, from day walks to inland exploration.

All of the major tourist sites are along the Great Ringstrasse and here are some of the most important places to be. You will find a great deal of information on this page and you can also use our Yellowstone DVDs to help you schedule your sojourn.

Geology - The park is home to one of the biggest caldera in the whole wide open space with over 10,000 hot springs and more than 300 caves. There are over 290 falls with the 308' Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River as a splend. Yellowstone Lake is the biggest (132 sqm) open sea in northamerica.

Further sections of the park will be opened during May. The East Entrance of Yellowstone is due to open on Friday 2 May. South Entrance will be open to the general public on Friday, 9 May. This is the street from the northern entrance of the park at Gardiner, Mont.

through Mammoth Hot Springs to the Northeast Gate, Silver Gate and Cooke City, Mont. Admission charges will be remitted on 19 and 20 April at the start of the National Park Week. For a seven days ticket to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park it is usually $25 for a non-residential, non-commercial one. The closer the starting date approaches, the more exactly the date of the opening will be announced.

  • Front door North - Gardner, MT - Open all year round for coaches. The park guards found that the bisons were probably killed along the street in the Blacktail Plateau in Yellowstone North between the night of March 13 and the night of March 15. What is the admission charge? With this charge the visitors receive a 7-day ticket for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

One $50 year parking card allows access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks for a solo noncommercial use. Interagency Senior Passport $10 (62 and older) is a life-long passport available to U.S. nationals or long-term guests. There are five gateways to Yellowstone Park: The West Yellowstone West Entry, MT, is open to wheel drive cars from 20 April to 4 November and trackside cars from 17 December to 12 March.

The nearest airlines are West Yellowstone, MT, Bozeman, MT, Idaho Falls, ID, and Salt Lake City, UT. Open from the end of May/beginning of June to mid-October and subject to meteorological condi-tions. Entrances South & East - Open for wheel drive from 11 May to 4 November and for trackside drive from 17 December to 12 March.

The nearest airlines to the South Entrance are Jackson, WY and Cody, WY to the East Entrance. It is a brief ride to the Geysir Basin, Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. For the full parking adventure, accommodation in Old Faithful might be a good option.

For the wildest animals, we recommend the north-east entrance and a brief excursion into the Lamar valley. South entrance is a great choice if you have more free travel and want to explore Grand Teton National Park, but it is a longer ride to the centre of Yellowstone if you start from Jackson.

Entrance North is the park's head office and has the most historical information about the park. What is the best season to go to the park? Over the past few years, it has been "more economical" to go to most of the park. North Entrance is the most frequented due to its good accessibility and the ploughed street.

Featuring 5 entries and over 2 million hectares, we suggest you book your journey in advanced. Some of the many itineraries or DVDs available for Yellowstone are recommended. When you want as much information as possible in less than 90 min. buy a Yellowstone disc.

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