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These are the extreme points of Guam further north, south, east or west than any other place. The city is considered the most important commercial centre of the south of the island. Obtain the weather forecast for South Guam. RĂ©gion du sud de Guam : sud | tous Obtenir les directions, les cartes et le trafic pour le sud de Guam, NM. See fares and ticket offers for flights from South Carolina (SC) to Guam, Guam.

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Artefacts from the old Chamorro villages can be found in every Guam town. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, when the Spanish Empire colonised the Mariana Islands as part of its Pacific possession, the islands were split into distinct parishes, each of which consisted of a church with a nucleus of villages nominated by a Mayor.

There were six communities in Guam in the eighteenth century: Before colonisation in Spain, the Chamorro inhabitants celebrated regular festivals. When Christianity was adopted, these feasts were celebrated in honour of the protector of each town. There are still yearly festivals all over the year. Guam was currently divided into communities in the 1920s under the leadership of the US Navy.

Sanchez, Pedro C. Guahan, Guam: It'?s the story of our island: "Congregations of Guam".

South of Guam Food - Marina Grill, Agat Traveller Reviews Agency

You will find the restaurant in a beautiful area. When you are taking a tour around the isle, a stop at the yacht harbour is a must, and this is a rewarding break with its high blankets and large window and a relatively broad selection of dishes from hamburgers to parrotfish. Barmaids and personnel are courteous and kind, which is a Guam tradition.

However, nicely does not conceal an average level of services. Same bad waitress came with the meal. He got his fishy crisps in 20 mins. What about the dinner? He was good with native fishies and fries. I' m not blaming the waiters. Holders must exercise, practice, practice, practice. When the barbecue wants to be served locally, it has to lower its price and produce more aroma.

I will be persevering even with this apparently dull summary, and hopefully the next times I go there (and I will go back) the proprietors will have taken steps to educate the personnel and have determined what kind of place they want to have here: A sophisticated target gastronomy with unusual services and unusual meals or a meeting place with hamburgers and pork chops and more.

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