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Snorkelling Mana Island

The Mana Island Resort, Mana Island Picture: You can snorkel on the northern beach if possible. The Mana Island Resort, Mana Island Picture: Ratings and customer reviews for Mana Island Resort & Spa. The Mana Island Resort, Mana Island Picture:

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First and foremost, Big Drop Off & Turlte Coral - hard coral, occasionally spotted shark, clear sea, tonnes of small pelagic species, one or two giant Napolean Wrass and schooling parrotfish, Trevally etc. I' m so lucky for the first snorkellers who are enthusiastic about seeing the tropics and crystalline sea, but from what point of view do they really see it.

I am looking for the Fiji Village, where I can dive directly from my Boer into a tropic aqarium. I' m not quite well interested in its gotta be out of this word when I'm going to leap on a ray and let Oahu. Inexpensive, easily accessible and not too sordid.

How good is the riff really? Hello, we are Mana regular guests and have been enjoying snorkeling there. They are professional riff conservators currently living in Iiji. They' re taking us out at the mana riffs and telling us what happened! You have a passion for corals, snorkeling etc. and an outstanding knowledge of the city.

Hello, I came back from Mana Island this weekend on April 4, 2008. The first snorkeler to do so, the fishing and the clearness of the waters were first-rate. and they said that snorkeling in mana was better.

We had a great diversity of sea life, sea turtle and shark life. I' m sure your snorkeling experience with Mana was all good. I can get to Fiji from Hawaii and all I ask for is that it is more beautiful than what I have here, which is damn cute.

Everybody agrees that Mana's snorkeling is great and I'm glad I'm with the most people. Can' t travel all over the world to see these damn things, so hopefully I can end it on mana. The island of Boers is all right. I' ve been to Fiji (Mana) for two week in April/early May and I have to say that Mana's riffs are good, but not astonishing.

That was my first snorkel and I have to say I was a bit upset. When you are looking for colorful fish and shark, there are many. Clearness really does depend on the weathers. Sunset Beach on the east tip of the island should be the cleanest water. Large clearness and many large shoals of fish.

Even though the fishies were deserted. So I snorkelled there almost twice a days for about 9 whole working hours (awesome), then did an island hop journey from the first landing near Nadi on my way back home to drag small isles for ra snorkeling (ok) in. I' ve snorkelled in Hawaii, St. John, Roatan and the Bocas del Toro area of Panama.

Fiji was by far the best place I've been. I' m going back to Fiji. Starting from the 2 very different arenas I snorkelled in Fiji - the area in Fiji makes a big change in the kind and qualitiy of the corals. Lovely little fishs have been everywhere......I have no clue what mana will be like, but I'd try anywhere in Fiji.

I' ve been living in Fiji for 6 years in the 70s. I' m still in Fiji every year, usually in Mana. The southern side of Mana is now garbage for snorkeling because of the outflow from the island. The northern side offers good fishing and a good thatch. To snorkel better, hike to the northwest point of the island and continue inside the cliff.

Mana's best snorkeling is the cruise to the sand island. The Mana is in the west of Fiji, but I have always thought the southeast was the best dive.

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