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But there will be showers and thunderstorms throughout the region tonight. A hotel in LeoPalace Resort was evacuated on Saturday after the outbreak of a fire in a Guam hotel. Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset time in Hagåtña - Guam. Beiryl Likely To Sweep Across Lesser Antilles Today. New Horizons Guam today.

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Aggravation of the tropic depressions anticipated

Harmful wind, strong rains, life-threatening fissure flows and 9- to 11-foot oceans are anticipated, as the 10W tropic depression increases and eventually turns into Tropic Tempest Maria in the evening or morning. From 5 pm, the system was about 115 nautical leagues south-east of Guam. The wind was 8 meters to the north-west and, according to the National Weather Service, was 35 meters per hour.

According to the National Weather Service weather forecaster Landon Aydlett, the system has the latest weather report early Thursday early tomorrow, about 7 am, in Guam. National Weather Service emphasised that the weather forecasts remain accurate and further information will be available throughout the night. Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense offices urged the villagers to take precautionary measures before the hurricane approached the isle.

Inhabitants who are worried that their houses may not be able to resist the effects of typhoons can call the Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense offices at 478-0290. The Guam Authority crew trimmed nearby electricity line trunks, and the company asked its clients to use the GPA facebook page or 24-hour telephone service at 475-1472, 475-1473 or 475-1474 to notify them of outages.

It is recommended that occupants and guests do not engage in outside or sea activity. As civilian guards, local populations and crew were preparing for the attack, there were no incidents of cancelled or late arrivals to or from Guam. As soon as the wind blows, it is advisable to keep off the road until the all-clear is sounded.

Further hints for protecting your house and plot from the storm: - Do not contact loosely or dangly twisted wire after a wind blast.

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