Carving the Female Form

Female form carving

CARVED FACE EXPRESSIONS CARVING CLASSIC WOMEN FIGURES. Breast size and shape represent race, level, social class, and nationality. Carving techniques for detailed anatomical structures of the human form. Classic Carving Female Faces in Wood:


This work is sculptured in statuesque marmor. Carving, Carrara-Marmor, 2005. Now available in a finite number of five copies of the same sized in pure pink marine resins. Carving directly. It was created after a conversation with the handicapped painter Mike O'Hara, who spoke of making arts while slowly loosing his visions; he spoke about his search for the right kind of work.

It tries to capture the progressive disappearance as in the motion of a snake, firm, unnoticeable, enveloping and stinging the eyel. Carving directly from Portland-Stein. Split into segments, the elms stem is re-integrated by the incised arches of the fractured arc. Made from one chunk of pasture.

The masculine image I engraved on the other side of the body, so that when you look at it in a circle, the statue shows a masculine side and a feminine side. Made in Portland Stone, Tout Quarry, Portland, Dorset. Two marbles are used to carve the stand in La Spezia Porto maccchia larga and the pedestal in Siena' Siena' Siena' oro.

Portland-Stein signpost for the Faith House Gallery in Dorset.

Basics of figure carving :: Shopping Gallery :: NSW Gallery of Arts

It is a very graphic sketch, illustrating over 350 great sketches and photos of the carving of the wooden sculpture of the sitter. There is nowhere else in printing that it is so beautiful to carve the masculine and feminine form in such detail. Stage by stage sequencing explains an almost fool-proof approach for both the novice and the seasoned Carver.

35,000-year-old'Venus' sculpture is found

Nobody would confuse Stone Age carving with a Venus de Milo. This sensual lady is, to put it mildly, more earthy, with enormous, protruding boobs and sexual clear sex. The archeologist Nicholas J. Conard, from the University of Tübingen in Germany, who found the small carving in a cavern last year, said it was at least 35,000 years old, "one of the oldest known samples of figural arts in the world".

It' s about 5,000 years older than some other so-called Venus artefacts, which were produced by early population of the Gay Sapien in Europe. In September, the small statue was exposed in a cavern in southwest Germany near Ulm and on the Danube. Previously the female pictorial language was unfamiliar, most of the woodcarvings and cavern paintings originate from mammoth, horse and other caves.

Scientists say that the figure is approximately at the same time as other early forms of expression of art, such as paintings on cavern faces in south-eastern France and north Italy. It is reminiscent of the most popular of the sexual figures from the Stone Age, Venus von Willendorf, which was found in Austria a hundred years ago.

This Venus is slightly bigger and dates from about 24,000 years ago, but it is in a genre that seemed to have spread for several thousand years. Scientists suspect that these Venus figures, as they are called, were associated with the belief in fecundity or shamanic ritual.

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