What Time is it in Easter Island

So what time is Easter Island?

The Easter Island is in the southern hemisphere, so travellers should remember that the seasons are reversed. The Pacific/Easter Island Period (EAST). Daylight savings time on Easter Island (EASST). When does my tour start? Duration and distance from Santiago to Easter Island.

Time on the shore! - Look back at Anakena Beaches, Easter Island, Chile

One of the few Easter Island beach, this place is wonderful. A very little shadow if you are looking for it, but much and much day. A lot of family, children and swimmer. The island must have "Park Pass" (which you should buy at the airfield if you are landing for $60 US dollars.

During a light, sunshiny holiday during the holidays, this was full of native people who had a great time in and out of the sea. You' ll need to get your suites soaked. Restaurant-style cabins that do everything to make your visit as pleasant as possible. It was a wonderful sandy spot that seemed to be a favourite with residents and visitors alike.

The best part is the Ahu Nau Nau, which lies just before the shore and offers a nice look. Family visited this place and took all the shadows under the palms. Have you ever been to Anakena beach?

Easter Island | Travel Agency Mn | USA

South America was at the top of our agenda this year. Our interest in Moai and Easter Island has led us to come to this one-of-a-kind place. While we wanted to stay in Chile before and/or after our Easter Island trip, I'm not sure we realize how big the state is!

In the end we decided to do more from the centre and north of the land, because we knew that we would simply have to return to the Patagonia area. The time we spent there began with a flight to Santiago and then to the area of Calama in the Atacama desert. Because of the varied scenery it was so interesting and we had some great walks during our time there.

In the Atacama we returned to Santiago to enjoy the town. There was a great full-time guide where we could enjoy some of Chile' s cultural life, a few outdoor market and of course the cuisine! Then we set off for Easter Island.

A part of Chile and almost 2,300 leagues off the shore (4-1/2 hours flight), this island probably is very isolated - probably because it is! This was a hot and nice island and part of our plot was because few visitors (which is a big part of their charm).

You know, we used to love humans in general. Rapa Nui Easter Island was so interesting and we love our time there! We were inspired to take this journey and it did not fail us! When we had finished our time on Easter Island we went back to the continent to stay for a few nights in the Chilean landscape - the winelands.

Time in Chile came to an end when we went to Valparasio on the Pacific coastline and went home from there. It feels like we could have been spending more time in every area, but because we have restricted our time, we have been able to take in more time. Would you like to know more about travelling to Chile, Easter Island or other parts of South America?

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