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Who we are - Contact - Travel agencies. You can find both at www.agents.gohawaii.com.

Reiseschutzplan - Find a local travel agency - Stay in touch online. Forgot your password? Initially, almost every trip began with a visit to a local travel agency.

Specialised travel agencies in the UK - Hawaii message board

Whether you choose a travel agency or not, you should at least look at the different archipelagoes and choose how many, how long and what you want to do. I suggest you leave for at least nine or ten days.

Every isle is very different and you need to choose what kind of adventure you want. You can also have a look at the different boards of the different isles to get an impression of the different isles. You then begin with the detailed design. A lot of travel agencies have never been to the places they ship to you, and you may end up in some unwanted situation.

When you have a question about something on a particular isle, go to the forums for that isle and ask there. You' ll get some direct responses from those who have been there and can help you make the best choice. For example, if you ask for hotel reviews, you should tell them what your best money is, what you're looking for, and then get the feed-back.

Don't hesistate to ask further and use the forum to get good responses. If you still want to use a travel agency, it's up to you.

Agencies can work with Aqua

Booking Hawaii and Continental USA real estate with the promotional TAFAM key. Offers are only available at participant establishments and upon request. Offers are available to IATA designated travel agents in good faith and must be presented with their IATA/TRUE/ARC/CLIA cards at check-in. Up to 3 overnight stays for FCAM tariffs at 25% discount on the best available tariffs, extra overnight stays at 15% discount on the best available tariffs.

Simply reserve your customers' accommodation in one of the participant properties and send the following contact information. Valid for travel reservations from 3 January 2018 to 22 December 2018. The amount of your deposit will differ depending on the object and will be disbursed in US dollar. In case you have not already done so, please send your W-9 application via email to 808-748-2201 (Note: Payment Back Reservation Bonus) to prevent any delay in your order being processed.

A W9/W8 document is required by our bookkeeping office to complete the cheque payments. Please feel free to use the W-9 contact sheet. Please feel free to use the W-8 application blank. Please verify your e-mail address after submitting the registration request.

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