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Interviews series: Visit Sheila Beal of Go to Hawaii

Thinking about Hawaii can be an amazing adventure. This is where Go Visit Hawaii comes in. Since 2006 Sheila Beal has been advising travellers to Hawaii. Lonely Planet Go Visit Hawaii was voted Best Destination Travel Blog in 2009. Sheila and Hawaii were lucky enough to have a little chit-chatting to find out why she loved Hawaii so much.

EH: You and your man Andy often visit Hawaii, but you don't actually do. So what is it about Hawaii that you both like most? SHELLA: We like all the adventure Hawaii has to offers - from fantastic walks with great snorkelling, to exploring the marine environment, to getting to know Hawaii' rich heritage and people.

Oh man, that's a very difficult one. There are so many astonishing things that come to my head, but as I stopped to think about your questions, one thing struck me - seeing a stream of volcanic rock flowing into the Hawaii Island oceans. As I marvelled at the bright yellow colored volcanic ash flowing down the river and into the sea to produce a steaming cloud of mist.

EH: Sheila, you are a self-described, adventuresome chick. SCHEILA: The ciplining at the Princeville Ranch on Kauai brought me far outside my comfy area. EH: Which is your favourite place in Hawaii and why? Every isle is something unique with its own character and beautiful. We--we just adore them all. And Maui will always be our first choice, because it was the first Malawian Isle that we were on.

The next one was Kauai and we have fallen in fond of the landscape and hike there. Then we went to Hawaii, the big isle where we liked the variety of climate and terrain. Every journey to Oahu shows us that we still have so much to explore. The Lanai is our favourite place for relaxing and rejuvenating.

EH: When you visit the island, where is your favourite meal and what is your favourite one? Hawaiian cooking is so'ono' and many places have a view as tasty as the meal. In Hawaii, we enjoy the freshness of the seafood and the move from farmyard to dinner that has been gaining so much power in recent years.

Give us some pop s, macadamia-encrusted seafood and a sea look all over Hawaii and we'll be overjoyed. EH: If you could give a word of opinion to the first Hawaiian visit, what would it be? SHELLA: I would recommend people to appreciate the indigenous people. Although Hawaii has a lot of continental infrastructures, the cultures are very different.

And Hawaii is much more relaxing. So it is best to take a relaxing position when you leave the aircraft, because things will move on the "island time", whether you like it or not. The Aloha spirit should be sought and accepted by those who visit these wonderful places and the Hawaiians they are with.

The above pictures are kindly provided by Go Visit Hawaii (visit their Flickr). Sheila Beal from Go Visit Hawaii would like to thank you for your visit. If you are planing your next journey to Hawaii, you should definitely visit Go Visit Hawaii!

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