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American Citizens Services Unit offers a range of services to U.S. citizens in Samoa. US Samoa Visa and Passport Entry Requirements for British, US, Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African Passport Holders. Visaservice Vietnam for citizens of American Samoa residing in India.

Visa service for citizens of American Samoa residing in Australia. Do I need a visa to Vietnam for holders of an American Samoa passport?

Like a strange bill that grants American citizenry but not US citizenry to a group.

These citizens - native to the 55,000-passenger South Pacific Isles - are issued US citizenship cards, can work in the armed forces and are able to reside on the US continent. However, they are constitutionally barred from the fundamental freedoms that all Americans enjoy, such as choosing, working in many goverment positions, or possessing hidden weaponry.

You have to go through a costly naturalisation procedure, which can take weeks or even years before you get full nationalisation. However, as more and more Americans have migrated to the continent in search of business opportunities, they have started to organise and demand nationality. Citizens from all other US territory - even remote areas such as Northern Mariana Islands or Guam - are citizenship.

Why, then, are American Samians ruled out? This issue has triggered a dispute under the constitution between Samoans, as well as Maene, and a group of pro Bono solicitors. In the Samoan society itself, birthrights have become an important issue. It is almost generally agreed that American Samians are considered second-class Americans, but some island residents, in particular local authorities, believe that the grant of birth rights could water down the area' s unparalleled judicial and civil rights under US legislation, in particular through the judiciary.

In 1900 the USA invaded today's American Samoa, but over the years the area has been able to rule itself and even operate its own custom and migration system. However, despite the grant of birth-right nationality to other similarly led U.S. territories over the years, Washington has abandoned American Samoans with their uncommon state.

On several occasions, locals have put forward a sliding track case against full U.S. citizenship: But if the suit is a success, they say, the Samoan system of ownership of land and other Samoan legislation could also be contested in law. Samoans should choose whether they want nationality at the polls and then ask Congress to amend the nationality legislation.

That, they and the US federal Government allege, is the only legal way for American Samoans to win citizenship. A lawyer in the We the Peoples Project's case, Neil Weare, who works for the right of US citizens, thinks that all concerns are due to misunderstanding.

It points out that the Constitution guarantees nationality to everyone who has been borne in the United States and says that this should apply to the Americans. There is little interest in technological reasons for the ten thousand Americans who live outside their small area. They say the costs and degradation of naturalisation, even though they are already "Americans", are anachronistical and annoying.

This is not a right and unfair situation," says Chief Loa Pele Faletogo, who heads the Samoan Federation of America, an organisation headquartered in Carson, California, which defends the Samoan people' s right and is a litigant. He says the results list a whisper of humiliations that the Samoans don't elect and then are ignored by Samoans or forfeit their chances of getting a work.

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