Fiji Tourism Office in India

Tourism office Fiji in India

It was Mahendra Chaudhry, the first ethnic Indian to hold this post in Fiji's history. Fiji to India Medical Visa - Medical Tourism to India. Safe online application; tourist and business visas for Fiji from the United States of America. We are connecting passengers from Singapore to Indian cities," Mr.

Karan added. Contact information of the Federal Foreign Office.


The yearly roadshow of Tourism Fiji started on Friday, February 5, 2016 in the town of Chennai, India. This roadshow ends on Saturday 13 February and covers the six (6) towns of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Kolkata. One of the main tasks of the roadshows is to inform our tour partner about the Fiji region.

At the opening of the roadshow, Minister Koya stressed India's importance for Fiji's long-term tourism policy. India is also of key importance to Fiji's plans to enter non-traditional market expansion, as it has great opportunities for further expansion with the recently launched Fiji Airways to Singapore service in April.

That was seen as the main obstacle to the development of the tourism industry in India after earlier road shows. Fiji's growing business in India is so great that it is able to offer visitors a range of experience experiences for every age group. Last year's events made a significant contribution to the increase in the number of visitors this year, which will continue to grow thanks to greater investments in brand-nameing and the joint effort of our trading partner.

As they explore the India markets, the Fiji mission will be using the roadshow over the next few weeks to advertise our wide variety, which makes Fiji one-of-a-kind and THE travel destinations that every visitor to India should be. Koya called the Fiji tribe the Fiji of choice for its untouched nature, fine sand shores and rich cultur.

Over 450 travellers and tourism players took part in the road show last year, an improvement on prior years and a welcome sign of the attractiveness of Fiji as a tourist destination for India. Also this first outing showed an unbelievable growth with about 100 attendees, who visited the road show in Chennai alone, and with such a great starting records the numbers will surely skyrocket.

This roadshow also follows Fiji's attendance at the three-day SATTE in New Delhi, which ended on Sunday, 31 January 2016. Koya noted that although the number of visitors from India is low compared to the Fiji tourism tradition, it is very high for us. India's economy is growing and the roadshow ensures that all routes to Fiji are open.

Fiji Roadshow is an five-year old tourism show in Fiji looking forward to further expansion.

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