Island Nature

Isle of Nature

The Looe Island is a marine reserve and the waters around the island are full of life. It is a quiet haven for wildlife with a variety of habitats. The Phillip Island Nature Parks, Victoria, Australia. The Montague Island Nature Reserve is home to hundreds of seals and more than ninety bird species. Watch the little penguins of Phillip Island emerge from the sea, take a look at life in a den and observe other Australian animals in this natural wonderland.

Protection of PEI's habitats

As a non-governmental, non-profit organisation devoted to the conservation and administration of nature reserves on Prince Edward Island (Canada). By acquiring land that will be managed in a fiduciary capacity for coming generation, we serve as an example of appropriate and sustainable use and help individual landowners to volunteer to protect it.

It is our mission to work with public and privately owned land owners to establish a genuine nature reserve on Prince Edward Island, made up of areas of corridor-linked area. Our board of directors consists of 12 to 16 members, 8 to 12 members of the foundation and one member each of our four foundation organisations:

PEI Museums and Heritage, PEI Wildlife Federation, Natural History Society of PEI and the Faculty of Biology of PEI University.

Going to Bermudas

Situated on the south-eastern tip of Bermuda, on Annie's Bay. A tranquil sandy and woodland area, ideal for a whole days of walking, snorkeling, swimming, picnic, birdwatching and tortoise viewing. Today, most of the island is open to the general population and the 12 hectare nature conservation area, which is part of the Bermuda system of parks, is being actively restored.

Stroll through the marshes and keep your eye open for killifishes, huge shrimps and sea fowl such as heron, heron and kingfisher. Watch migrating cetaceans from the lookout point.

Nature reserve of the island

The remote Island Nature Reservation is located in the middle of the seaside town of Seaview. Small farmhouses and farmhouses are the only neighbourhoods that give the whole reservation a very peaceful atmosphere that allows its guests to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the Eastern Cape. It was founded in 1986 by nature protection organizations working to protect the countryside and the provinces' riches.

Guardians of nature control access to the island for the security of the reservation and its people. At the heart of the reservation are the bracket sites (complete with beton bracket equipment and wood desks and benches) and large spaces for picnics in between. There is a thick native woodland in the island's nature preserve, through which there are a number of paths and paths for walking.

Shared saplings that can be found in these lovely woods are, among others, the milky wood, the cheese wood, the outeniqua yellow wood and the cape martan. It is also the home of a number of animals. Walks in the woods and the countryside often show the cheerful apes that hang in the tree, explore the barbecue areas and walk through the groups of relatives and acquaintances, while showing their typical roguish nature.

You are curious and enjoy observing humans who enjoy the beautiful living space of the animals. The other animals found in the reservation are the illegible bluducker, as well as the buck and the pork. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Woodpeckers, Knysna Loerie, Common Shrikes, Woodcracker, Blue-backed Robin and Wood Buzzards live in the wood.

There is a laundry room in the island's nature reservation for walkers, but also for those who only visit the reservation for barbecues or picnics. Admission price (per person) to ensure security and the best possible terms.

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