New Zealand North Island must see

North Island New Zealand needs to see

Don't miss these places while you are on the central North Island. The New Zealand Tourism Guide offers a selection of activities on New Zealand's North Island. Like everywhere in New Zealand there is a lot to do. So how on earth can you decide what you want to see on your adventure? Seeing them on a mint green winter day, all white and covered in snow, was remarkable.

New Zealand's North Island's Top 20 Best Activities

is a sought-after tourist spot for many and in the two major land masses it consists of, it is not a message that South Island (Te Waipounamu) usually grabs the most tourist interest - but there are a bunch of astonishing things on North Island (Te Ika-a-M?ui) that everyone should not miss!

Indeed, besides the traditional lofty combinations of woods and hills, the North Island is known for its rugged windsurfing shores (especially on the western coastline and the Coromandel Peninsula), its geothermic activities (after the miracles of Taupo and Rotorua), its culture focus (as the M?ori are mainly focused there) and its origins in the LOTR (think of the famed Hobbiton and Weta workshops).

To make it a little bit simpler for you, I have put together a list of the top must-do's and must-see's for your New Zealand adventures on the North Island. Most of these awesome experiences can be done if you take part in an adventurous Wild Kiwi experience. Untouched shores, surfing legends and steep rocks - the North Island coast is the ideal place to unwind or wave!

Known as the City of Sails, don't forget to explore the coastline and surrounding islets - from the famous Rangitoto Volcano to the luxuriant Waiheke Island... If you're looking for a cruising trip, you can take a harbor trip or even better, get a foretaste of what it's like to sail in one of the world's most prestigious regattas.

The Bay of Islands:. This is a great spot in sommertime with over 140 sub-tropical isles in its own archipelago as it is full of secluded shores and great terrain..... Begin your trip from the seaport of Russells, the first ever New Zealand settled city in Europe, while visiting historical monuments and boardwalks.....

After that, some of the things you need to see in this archipelago are Urupukapuka Island and Rainbow Warrior (Shipwreck in Matauri Bay). Here you can reserve a trip to the Bay of Isles and to Waitangi..... Being one of the longest breaks in the surfing industry it will be an adventure to windsurf here!

Hell's Gate is also known for its water and sulphur pools, which remind us of Maori bath and spa treatments..... I' d like to give you a tip and join him with a Maori'Miri Miri' traditionally held massages..... That is actually one of the things I had to do on the North Island, and it certainly turned out to be an exceptional one!

To be honest, this was my first whitewater racing action of all times and it was an absolute premiere. New Zealand has not only great wines but also great beers! On the North Island, the best place for this would be the first winegrowing area of Hawke's Bay, often referred to as "Wine Country".

If you can't go to Hawke's Bay, take a look at the following trips near the main towns on the North Island: . A country of adventures and stunning scenery, it is a MUST to see New Zealand from above!

Diving with well-trained water jumping teachers and free falling from a height of 1000 meters - an adventure that will make you dumbfounded (and you will even be able to go home with boasting!). I suggest to do it either in Auckland or in Taupo on the North Island.....

The 192 metre high Sky Tower, New Zealand's tallest edifice, offers the best view of the world! This is an unforgettable adventure on a 1 metre broad deck without hand rails, but of course with a seat belt. Taupo: The Taupo Bungee (over the Waikato River with 47 metres height and this is the highest wetted bungee in New Zealand).

A mixture of go-kart (no motor) and sledge ( "no snow"), Rotorua's "Luge" is a funny and fast-paced adventurous sport suitable for any age! It was so much enjoyment and many folks even say that this place is better than luge in Queenstown on the South Island, so give it a try!

It is an adrenalin pump created by New Zealand. This was an unforgettable event I had with Hukafalls Jet in Taupo! Founded in New Zealand in 1994, this has become one of the "must-do" rural pursuits and often gives you the opportunity to select the type of route you will be taking - whether zig-zag or upright!

On the North Island there are many kayak possibilities where you can experience the dramatic coastline in clear sub-tropical water up close. Auckland, Bay of Islands, Taupo and Tasman are some of the best places to visit. It'?s the water at Taupo Lake: It is a stunning sea, which is actually the calendar of the volcano Taupo.

New Zealand's biggest sea by area, besides canoeing, yachting is a favourite destination to explore its water or fish. Plus, a sensational stop for your stuff on the North Island will be the legendary Mine Bay Maori Rock carving, which consists of several unique woodcarvings, each with its own history and significance.

Located in Pakoka Riviera in the Waikato area, this falls is 55 metres high and with its strength has built a large swimming pool at its basis over the years. New Zealand's most photographed cascade, this 26 metre long cascade with its extensive walks around the riverbank has been a favourite place for picnics since the 1980s.

A mighty yet amazing array of blue watersfalls along the Waikato River continues to Lake Taupo. If you want an exceptional adventure, don't miss out on the Hukafalls-Jets! In Te Urewera you will find one of New Zealand's 9 "Great Walks", the Lake Waikaremoana Tracks, which includes a 3 to 4 day hike.

M?ori are the aborigines of Polynesia in New Zealand and Rotorua as well as the nearby cities have probably the highest concentrations of M?ori communities. In this sense it is a must to go to at least one of these places to delve into the Maori tradition and traditions - a very proud of them.

I' ve been to one of the best towns, Tamaki Maori Village, and some of the many astonishing things that you will see and that I love in person have witnessed the p?whiri ( I' ve been to one of the best towns, Tamaki Maori Village, and some of the many astonishing things that you will see and that I love in person have witnessed the amazing big Priest's Day, the Hong (traditional greetings in which folk squeeze their noses), the mighty Maori cries, and more!

The Mitai Maori Village: Similar to Tamaki Maori Village, where the adventure takes place in a wild bushland landscape and the welcome party (Powhiri) is held with an old kayak of warriors (Waka). You can either opt for one of the experiences of sun or moon (but I myself suggest the overnight serving, as you can savour everything under the stars).

Russel in the Bay of Islands: New Zealand is the first permanently settled Europe. Located in Bay of Plenty, it is known as New Zealand's'Sunshine Capital'. TIP: If you like, you can book a package holiday where you can not only see Hobbiton but also the Waitomo Caves of Auckland.

All the time you will be up and personal with all the requisites, armour and cars made for the above movies, and to complete the whole thing, visit the Weta Cave Store, where there is a mini-museum, collectors items and film articles for all the enthusiasts out there. Select a full days or evenings trip from Wellington.

TIP: For a more complete adventure, you can join this half or full days "Lord of the Rings" trip that will explore the movie set throughout Wellingtonity, which includes the Shire, Rivendell, Isengard and the Great River Anduin. Usually the price for a domestic match is between NZ$20 and $30 per player, while the price for a global match is between NZ$60 and $150, based on where you are located.

The cuisines of New Zealand are strongly shaped by America, Europe and Southeast Asia and are intimately linked to Australia. While Maori cooking is a completely different matter; but to give you an impression, here is a menu to try! If, like me, you come from the Philippines, it may be exaggerated to shoot over NZ$80, but New Zealand fishers are proud of it when they catch it, so try it!

It' s less expensive in the whole of New Zealand - after all, the breed of animals is bigger than the people! It is a demanding but worthwhile coast-walk in the Bay of Islands. It winds through woods and offers magnificent views over Coromandel Pinnacles, Great Barrier Island, Port Charles and Cuvier Island.

Come and see the mountains: Mt Ruapehu: This is the highest peak on the North Island, and although it is an active volvano, it is appreciated by many walkers, downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Mt Taranaki: The second highest peak of the North Island. However, these critters are only in New Zealand singular! TIP: If you like, you can book a package holiday where you can not only see the Waitomo Caves but also Hobbiton from Auckland.

Similar to the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, the Ruakuri Cave route provides the magic of seeing fireflies at first hand; but even more, you will meander through breathtaking lime rock formation and crystalline carpets. TIP: If you want a more exciting adventure, the best option for you is to go rappeling, weaving, jumping, climbing and swimming through the breathtaking underwater of Ruakuri Cave and a few falls.

Sailor Zealandia Sanctuary: From Owhiro Bay, this light hike will take you to an astonishing puppy seals population. Matangi Tiritiri Island: The Hauraki Gulf island is a breathtaking nature reserve for the country's indigenous bird and threatened birdlife. It shows New Zealand's most colourful and uniquely proactive geothermic energy formed by millennia of vulcanic activities.

Apart from being a Maori culture town, Te Puia is known for its geothermic activities, especially for its P?hutu Geysir, which is considered the biggest geysir in the South. White Island: IMPORTANT: New Zealand has stringent isolation requirements for non-declared foods and other biological hazards. When you have outside equipments such as scuba dive gears, walking shoes, etc., you will need to wash them before your trip to New Zealand to speed up the inspecting for you.

We would like to point out that, given that New Zealand has tracker hounds and bio-sensitive X-ray equipment to track down undesirable objects, New Zealand is firmly resolved. In New Zealand what is the local exchange? NZD, where about NZD 1. 40~ equals $1 US, ?0. 85~ or Php 50~ (as of May 2018).

Swap your funds either at a local banking or currency changer in your home town or in one of New Zealand's citys. Talking of card, many New Zealand institutions are accepting payment via plastic card, but it is always a good idea to have ATM. What is the best season to come to New Zealand?

From a technical point of view, there is NEVER a hard season to drive to New Zealand, but since both the North and South Islands are long and tight, the wheather is not the same. However, the New Zealand season is listed here as an overview: This is the most crowded season, but the beach is great at this part of the year.

If you think about it, New Zealand is a great flight for those seasons of the year when you want to get away from the hard-winter. This is a beautiful period as the foliage changes colour and it is also one of the best periods to make an excursion or hike as the masses of summers are usually gone.

Where to get to New Zealand? The Auckland International Airports (AKL) is New Zealand's biggest international airports, followed by Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. What is the best way to circumnavigate New Zealand's North Island? In New Zealand flying inland from one place to another is very simple and often less expensive than travelling by car or train.

Several of the carriers you can select from are Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. New Zealand is a quiet and comfortable place to ride (you are on the left), so many tourists decide to take a tour of the state. Considering that renting out and renting petrol can be quite costly, many rural holidaymakers would rather buy a vehicle or delivery truck and then sell it before they leave - or better still, they simply take roadtrip journeys that will take them to the best places!

They and I went with them during my time in New Zealand and I had a lot of fun! It is a relatively inexpensive way to get around New Zealand, but it is helpful to keep in mind that connections between the big cities are usually only once a week and that busses usually fill up, so it is helpful to reserve a few nights in advance as well.

Several of the most important routes are Atomic Shuttles, Flyin Kiwi, InterCity and Kiwi Experience. Intercity public transport is now run by the Great Journeys of New Zealand and focuses more on touristic routes through scenic countryside with a continuous service of commentaries, panorama views and an observation car (one example is "The North Explorer ", which operates between Auckland and Wellington).

When you are ready for the challenges, motorcycling or biking is a great way to explore New Zealand's countryside, and it's pretty simple to get a hire car. Of course there are a number of accommodation options in New Zealand to suit your needs. Was I supposed to get a New Zealand entry permit?

If you do not need a touristic entry permit for New Zealand, you can review this country shortlist. If you are NOT a national of any of the above mentioned country, you must of course obtain a tourism permit from the New Zealand Consulate in your area. As a Filipino national like myself, you can refer to my guideline on'How to get a New Zealand visa'.

Useful M?ori SentencesEnglish is the predominant of most Kiwis (New Zealanders), but the state' formal tongues are M?ori and New Zealand Sign language (NZSL). You can be sure M?ori folks are bi-lingual and can also talk English, but they will be glad to know that you are trying to do so.

Hopefully this checklist will help you optimize your New Zealand adventures! Indeed, to make your adventures stress-free, take a look at Wild Kiwi roads. How do you feel about these things on North Island? Have you ever been to the North Island?

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