Dream Island Moorea

Island of Dreams Moorea

Do you dream of the ultimate escape? A stunning villa with local architecture that combines modernity and comfort in the lagoon of Temae, Moorea. The Moorea is a dream of recreation and relaxation. Check out Vido Moorea's business profile on Dream Island and learn more about their work history, memberships and more. The dream island of Moorea and lagoon in French Polynesia, just off Tahiti (the main island).

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Have you ever lived in a place named "Dream Island" off Moorea? There' re three buildings there. Well, if so, what was your expertise? Like, was the shore made up of either plain or dark sands? Was there too many mosquitos and/or creeping bugs in the home etc.? Hamara, do you know anything about "Dream Island"?

I' m considering staying a whole year in one of the homes there - the Pacific House - but would like to receive some first-hand accounts from travellers.

PACIFIC to DREAM ISLAND - Earth Homes for Rent in Moorea, Motu FAREONE, Haapiti Lagoon, Moorea, France-Polynesia, French-Polynesia, Wind Islands

With " DREAM ISLAND " you will find your Polynesian dream come true..... You' ve probably dreamt of hiding on a Pacific island in the heart of the untouched scenery on the outskirts of a sandy and clean bay. A private island in the heart of a nature preserve with coral and the domesticated wildlife of a nature preserve!

ISLE OF DREAMS!!!! AN " DREAMING ISLAND " Your Polynesian dream comes true..... You have probably often dreamed of hiding on a Pacific island in the midst of the beauty of an untouched environment on the edge of a white sandy beach and a pure lagoon. On a private island in the middle of a natural lagoon reserve; you can admire the corals and tamed fauna of a natural aqarium?

ISLE OF DREAMS!!!! Accommodation in Moorea:

All-inclusive Arrangements France-Polynesia 2018

Tariff "Polynesia" with 3 rooms, 2 baths (hot water), 1 main flat, 1 large living room, 1 fully equipped flat, 1 large living room, 1 bedroom, 2 decks/terrace. Pacific " tariff with 2 double rooms, 2 baths (hot water), 1 living room, 1 full board flat, 1 open plan bathroom, 1 living room, 1 open plan bathroom. Directly on the shore with its own quay. Tariff "Gauguin" with 2 double rooms, 2 bath rooms with warm running waters (1 in the main room), 1 living room, 1 full equipped flat, 1 living room, 1 bedroom with sea views.

Price "Mini Dream": 1 room, 1 small room, 1 small room, 1 small room, 1 large room, 1 small room, private bathroom, for max. 2 persons. It is a privately owned residential area on a small island.

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