Hiroshima Island

Hiroshima Island

Free Hiroshima Wifi Michlin Guide visit Hiroshima. It?sukushima ("??") is an island in the western part of the Japanese inland sea in the northwest of Hiroshima Bay.

Itsukushima literally means "Island of Worship" and since ancient times the island itself has been worshipped as God. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima Island Tour from Hiroshima. Hiroshima is a must for a day trip to Miyajima Island.

Meyajima | One of the three most beautiful places in Japan | Miyajima Official Website

Isle of the Gods, known for its swimming sanctuary and Otorii. This is a Romanesque and historic island with the Itsukushima Sanctuary, a World Heritage Site, along with the Misen Jungle and a large number of surviving castles, churches and historic monument.

Have you any clue what Itsukushima is? It' a ship swimming on the ocean. Miyajima has many other places of interest. This is a series of wonderful temples and Shrines. This five-storey podium skilfully blends traditional Japonese and Mandarin music. Built on the original tenjiku and kara folk art from China, Tahoto is one of the most popular tenjiku artists in the world.

On the top of the Misen, a place of wonder and wonder, the shrine and temple were constructed and maintained. Don't miss the jungle of Mount Misen, Momiji Dance and Uguisu Trail and the pines in Ohmoto and Sakura. Mt Misen:: Many wonders and legend, a panorama look.

Since then, the place has also been honoured by Kobodaishi and Kukai Kukai and since then a number of thousands of people have come to visit and read about these people. Misen primeval forest, Kisekikaiseki (rocks of exceptional shape and size) and the historic monuments that can be found all over the Misen are truly harmonious and form beautiful scenery.

Shishiiwa and Misen make the panoramic views completely and free of obstacles. You can also see the Seto Inland Sea's beautiful islets. Various events and ceremonial celebrations around Itsukushima Shrine and in many other places around the island help us to fully appreciate the different times of the year, the charming healing cultures and the Muromachi heroism of old Japan.

Miyajima has many hotels and guesthouses (Ryokan), and the country hotels are traditionally and ingenious. You could go to Miyajima and watch the sun set over the Otorii arch, cross the ocean in the early evening or disguise yourself in Yukata and take a stroll while you enjoy the locally grown cuisine.

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