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Show all - BSP gives one million lives with Vanuatu Emergency Services. Vila, Vanuatu, offers community news, information and entertainment. A state visit to Australia strengthens the partnership between Australia and Vanuatu. Further information can be found on the VIPA website: http://www.investvanuatu.

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2017 Vanuatu Pacific Games website now online

This is Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Games website. It is recommended that you use this page to keep up to date with the games, volunteers, vacancies and how to procure the Vanuatu Pacific Games. The responses are in English/French and Bislama. Want to see long available long site I mo Bislama Fren?

When will the locations France and Bisonama be available? We are currently working for the site in French and will be online until November 1, 2016.

Charles visits the isolated isle where Prince Philip is Gott.

However, none of them is like what he will see when he goes to the secluded Pacific Islands of Vanuatu next time. They have also disclosed that they will soon be meeting to reach an agreement on a particular communiqué to give to the successor to the imperial kingdom so that he can take home his "true Messiah", his sire.

This was their deceased chief, Chief Jack Naiva, who inspired the devotion to Prince Philip in the clan when he welcomed the Royal Yacht Britannia with his battle-cano when the Queen and her spouse came to visit in 1974. The Chief Jack referred to a myth that began when America fought in the Pacific Wars and parachuted crates of groceries, fridges and even automobiles at the island.

They also said that a goddess who lived in the Yaohnanen vulcano near the town of Yaohnanen "became a Caucasian man who went to Britain to wed the queen". When Prince Philip in all his royal splendour came, her prophesy seemed to come true. Later, the locals sent Philip a military team and in exchange they got a picture of him with the gun on the Buckingham Palace premises.

Over the years Chief Jack got two more pictures of the princely man, which still have their place in their shelter. It wants to see first-hand the work to remedy the damages of Cyclone Pam in 2015, one of the most serious catastrophes in the Vanuatu story, and the impact of climate change.

While the few dozens of Yaohnanen village people realize that Philip is now too old to be travelling around the globe to see them, they are excited that his oldest boy will be so near. Chief Jack made an open appeal to your goddess to come back before his own demise.

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