Bayonne Nj Cruise Parking

Bavone Nj Cruise Parking

There are cruise parking spaces at the Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal. Parken für Royal Caribbean und Celebrity Cruises. Car park for the port of NJ. Wide range of Bayonne Cruise Port Hotels EEA with free parking and cruise port shuttle transfers. Give one of the three a call and drive to the cruise port about two miles east of the tram line.


Cars with 4 or more people are strongly recommended to hand in some of the baggage and travellers before arrival at the parking area. As soon as you are older people, toddlers and others who don't want to waiting for the shuttles, the vehicle driver can leave the terminals and travel 5 min to our camp.

Disabled parking in Bayonne, NJ

We' ll leave Bayonne in March and head for the harbour. Are there any parking spaces for the disabled, and if so, where are they situated? I have seen some messages on these panels pointing out that you hand in your baggage and then travel around in a large group to get to the parking area ("just before the baggage claim area").

Others say that the parking lot is only a few minutes after check-in. Do you have to go on foot from the parking lot and use the chair to get to the terminals, or do you have to take a bustran? Are you going from the airport to the boat or do you have to take a coach?

It is our first journey in a wheel chair, and all the information about parking and actual boarding will help us to make at least spiritual arrangements.

Cheapest 4 Bayonne Cruise Port Hotels EEA

With parking spaces and shuttles, our airports are a good option to cruise port parking*. The Snooze and Cruise Park Pack makes your Cape Liberty Cruise Port cruise experiences smooth and comfortable. Unless otherwise stated, see Park Snooze and Cruise Packages Information. A cabin crew is available from the accommodation for transport to the cruise ship terminals (not from the cruise ship terminal).

Customers must inform themselves about the taxi and make arrangements for pickup from the cruise line . The taxi ride to the harbour costs about $30.00 per passenger or $80.00 for up to 4 passengers. Until the middle of July 2018 the hotelpool is shut down for renovations. Passengers must hand in their car keys at the guesthouse. Extra parking fees:

Transmission note: There is a $35.00 per passenger roundtrip shuttle from/to Cape Liberty (minimum 2 people). The fee for the single ticket is about $70.00 round trip. Transmission note: You will be taken to the "Airport Railway Terminal P4". We are renovating the whole building. Extra parking fees:

Transmission note: We use a third person transportation to the Bayonne cruise ship terminals for about $48-50 for up to 4 persons. You can also bring to Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY cruise ship terminals for about $95 for up to 4 passengers, in additional the third parties will be charged the onward tolling.

Only one way to get there. Transmission note: The hotel is brought to "Airport Railway Terminal P4". Parking for 1 weekend. Arrival 11-01-18 to 02-15-19: 2 wks parking. Arrival 02-16-19 to 04-30-19: 1 weekend parking. Snooze and Cruise Park Packages are an ideal way to make port parking comfortable and accessible.

When you have a belated mooring at Cape Liberty Cruise Port, it is also possible to spend the evening of your homecoming. Before the cruise you can park your vehicle in the parked room and rest in the evening of your comeback in the room. Accommodation in our properties offers you the possibility of checking in at a later date, so you can be sure that your room is available even if you have a later dock.

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