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Trustworthy, inexpensive transport on Waiheke Is. The Waiheke Island Taxis offer a range of taxi services, such as transport to and from airports or bus stations. All-in-one transport and taxi solutions for Waiheke Island. For more information see http://www.fullers.

co.nz/tickets-fares/waiheke-island-buses. php. Taxi transfer from Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant to Matiatia Wharf.

Taxis on the island (09) 372 4111 | Taxis on the island Waiheke

Founded in 2008, Island Taxis is the oldest and biggest taxi company on Waiheke Island - giving us the opportunity to say YES! more often. There is also bus service available to help you explore Waiheke Island.

Each of our cabs is followed with the help of our own tracking system and each of our orders is shipped using the latest equipment. We know exactly where you are and what is going on in the taxi from the time you book with us until the end of your trip.

Waiheke Taxi Questions - New Zealand Forum

It' insular living in the truest meaning of the term. It' s not just "island life", I just spend a week-end in a popular New Zealand country city and there is only one taxi in the city, he had to hire his kid in his "boy racer" to haul around a group of us!

There is a coach around Waiheke Island. There are also cabs available. 0MG..thanks lol. just wondering if you think I should hire a car then? mostly just going to go around various points. i suppose the roads will be lighted. So where do you live, Jane? Jane, don't worry!

There are 8000 strange persons living on Waiheke, and many of them take many cabs. There' s also a good coach ride on the islands, or during the days, stretch out your thumbs and a friendly locals will come and fetch you and take you away. There are no big sidewalks and it is very dusky - no street lights, so not walking safely.

allowing us to discover the islands, the different shores and also what can be described as a rocky dough (cannon tunnel). I' m glad you were enjoying the lovely Waiheke, Jane.

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