Mana Island Surf

Isle of Mana Surf

All in all the Matanivusi Surf Resort is slightly better than the Mana Island Resort. Wind, waves & weather forecast Fiji / Mana Island / Western, Fiji for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing. Boat trips - Surfing - Maps - General - Observations; Sweet spots. Sweetspots - Apps.

Boat forecast for Mana Island.

Sailing on Mana island in SW Coast, New Zealand

  • I was flying  back and forth between Welly and Melbourne every weekend, always trying to see if there were ripples that broke off mana.... on one occasion or another when there was a solid South Groundwall, I saw (as it looked) a big right turn peeled from the inside out, so I guess this place starts when everything is strung together....

Grows up and even goes a straight and narrow. I' m going to watch him this winters exactly as he puts every shaft in the shade in Wellington, when he is switched on. pic's - And by the way, this picture of the left-hander!! it's not the northern end of the Mana, this shaft cracks at the border of a shelving, there's no shelving at the northern end!

The place is an ausomic shaft, breaking on a southern and a northern threshold. Let me see another pause that burns in both ways. Southern swells meet the spot header on A shells down inside the island, and northern swells rap right around the spot and up the inside. i have the coastline kneboarding for over 20-yrs, and this shaft, to me, would arrange, one of the best.

Seriously, for you who know the right to skewer, this ripple would be at eye level. I have my pictures on photographic hardcopy, not digitally, so I will be sorting them on my computer in the next few weeks and posting them here. sout end - Well I went over to Mana Island many years.

I want to surf the northern end though as I've seen it from the sky a few times looking quite good. not mana - this picture is not mana, it's a fillet near Dunedin.

And I know the bloke who took the picture. Southern right-handers....myth or real one. - I would ask someone to insert a photograph of the Southwaves ( "right-handers") to drive out the infidels, which involves me. - This sounds like many of the other big SWWs around Wellington when you are scoring in the right place at the right moment, but you need to know what to look out for.

50 - 150 meters long surf. there are uncommon streams out here with the encounter of contrary streams at the southern end of Mana Island, so yes, the surf is strongly influenced by the tide. it' s true and you will be surprised. within 30 minutes the surf has shifted from 1-2ft chop to 4-5ft surf that have been shined by the offshore waters to emeralds like gems. im no longer saying, but when you explore this place, you may be inferred.

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