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" The Poipu Shores is a sea condominium located on a beautiful coastal cliff overlooking a Hawaiian green sea turtle sanctuary. You will find the perfect hotel in Poipu with the help of our hotel guide. Reserve your hotel in Poipu, Koloa online. Condominium with one bedroom directly at the sea at the beautiful Poipu green belt, only a few steps away from Shipwreck`s Beach and the Grand Hyatt Kauai. The Poipu Kai Resort is located on the southern shore of Kauai.

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Hawaii Rotary District 5000 collects funds for Kauai 2018 flooding recovery..... To make a contribution to the Koloa tsunami relief efforts, please click on the Contribution buttons at the top of this page. We' re a great 30+ member society that's dedicated to the fellowship and having a good time!

In addition, we collect funding for scholarship awards and grant subsidies to other non-profit organizations. We would like to get in touch with you if you are interested in becoming a member of our team. Rather, we have the leadership shift Pau Hana at the Cabana Bar and Grill at Poipu Beach Athletic at 17:30.

He is happy with the Brown people at Windsor Gardens, where he has become a favourite member of the fellowship and spreads happiness and jam wherever he goes. Koloa Primary Education instructors and the Koloa Parent will be on the booth to collect money for educational outreach. Please take a wicker pancake and a rug.

The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach has been providing free Poipu Beach free of charge for nine years. Rotary-club Poipu Beach aims to unite the fellowship by showing family-friendly movies in the secure and relaxing environment of Poipu Beach Parc. The Koloa Primary School PTSA also sponsors this meeting as it offers a film film licence for eating.

One of the reasons for this is that it has made it possible to finance many extra-curricular programmes that enhance the general standard of living for all its students by financing after college occupations and additional training programmes that do not make it into the schools acuity. There were disastrous torrential floods at various places on the Isle of Kauai on 15 April 2018.

But 20-25 houses were submerged in Koloa, our home city. We' re also stepping up our fundraisers to help these Koloa and all Kauai affected on the long path to convalescence.

We have added Kauai Community College student grants in craft programmes this year. Fellowships were given at a lunch at the university where the meals were cooked and serviced by the cooking group. In this photo they are shown with the instructors who appointed them, together with President Milani Pimental and Club Administration Director Becky Fries.

Worldworks Pacific, Wilcox Health, Amerigas, Kauai Coffee, Brennecke's und Dupont Pioneer. Our team and Island School Interact clubs have volunteered to clean up the motorway in the Kalaheo area. We are sponsoring this year' s meeting. Interact assisted in packing Santa's presents in anticipation. Every year, the Frances Dillon Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund is awarded to select Kauai Community College undergraduates.

Above from lefthand to right, KCC consultant Shelley Sutter, Jolene Lima, Brittney Barreira, Becky Fries, Director of Administration, and President Milani Pimental. Much of our donations go to Kauai for grants. It recently presented fellowships to these three eminent gourmet college scholars at Kauai Community College. Since many years the association deals with repair, joinery and paintings, but also with pleasure.

All five Youth Exchanges in Hawaii supported us. There were four of them on our Kauai, and the fifth from the Great Island came along with them. Pupils also cooked a delicious evening meal with favourite food from their home country. Every year, our Rotary Youth Exchange Rotary Foundation supports incoming and outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange alumni.

In the picture above with President Milani is our arriving seminarian, Finn Haake, from Germany. He' going to Kauai High School. Simply make a $30 or more contribution to The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach Community Foundation, our 501(c)(3) community service, and we'll give you one or more prize draw ticket(s).

Pupils from Kauai Junior High were encouraged to send in essay papers on the use of the Rotary 4-Way Test as a frame for making decisions. This is Jessica, a pupil of Chiefess Kamakahelei MSM. When she read her inspiring play at a local football clubs meet, she received an iPad! This year the team had two different projects this year to decorate pavillons and picknick desks at Salt Pond Beach.

Part of the support came from Boys & Girls Club and part of the rest from Kauai Habitat for Humanity. After the two completed the project, we decided that the Weinberg Foundation would contribute $10,000 to Boys and Girls Clubs and $10,000 to Kauai Habitat for Humanity.

Rotarians believe that part of our ministry is for the world. In the context of our global ministry, the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach assisted in the construction of a preschool in the province of Pursat, Cambodia. There is continuous assistance for the instructor, materials and a food programme. In the picture above, Dr. Craig Nishimoto, Director of Services, is on a visit to the boarding house with his family.

Part of this we have teamed up with Aloha Angels and Joe Nelson, owners of the Koloa Surf Company, to provide deliveries and excursions for 19 Koloa Primary School Instructors. We present a cheque from the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach to Linda Uyehara, Principal of Koloa Elementary.

Chris Young, president of the Rotary clubs, Rick Cox of Aloha Angels, Linda Uyehara and Michael Carlsson, former president of our team. It also includes fundraising, Rotary Readers, the Rotary Lexicon Project, and other work Rotarians do with young people in the fellowship. There was excitement in the skies when the third grade students of Kalaheo Elementary School got their own Rotary Klub Poipu Beach glossary.

The Rotarians Bob Ray, Mary Kopitzke, and Marcie Millett told the schoolchildren how the book can be used for life-long study. Germain Crocq, a Rotary exchange participant from France, who is going to Kauai High School this year, supported them. There were also presentations to the third grade pupils of Koloa Primary School, Kawakini School and Island School.

All over Kauai, Rotary clubs have already fitted and are continuing to service the green lifelines on our shores. View this movie made by the Kauai Lifeguard Association. The Rotary Club of Poipu has and will keep all the beachside escape pipes on the south bank of the peninsula in place.

Rotary club Poipu Beach recently gave over US$25,000 to charitable organisations in Kauai. Former Rotary Foundation and Poipu Beach Rotary Foundation committee chairman Nancy Kanna said the Rotary Foundation has given over US$275,000 to over 50 organisations since the creation of the fellowship grant program in 2001.

"Through partnership and financing dedicated articles for other non-profit organizations, we can work together to make an even greater difference in the Kauai community," Kanna said.

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