Molokai Hawaii Ferry

Mlokai Ferry Hawaii

The two Hawaiian ferry rides offer fantastic photo opportunities and the opportunity to see humpback whales in season. These are some travel options when traveling through Hawaii, especially to Molokai: Lahaina Ferry: Sea Link of Hawaii, Inc. USA - Hawaii (HI) - Maui - Lahaina - Activities in Lahaina - Maui / Molokai Ferry. Maui Ferry and other transport systems and other places to take your pet in Maui Hawaii.

Soccer and the ferry on Moloka'i

Moloka'i Ferrry made their last journey between Kaunakakakakai and Lahaina and brought Moloka'i's soccer side to the last match of the year. This is Catherine Cluett-Pactol from Moloka'i-Depesche. The Molokai River Cruise was approved by the Municipal Utility Commission last weekend after 3 years of operation.

His last voyage was Thursday. Sea Link's chairman and skipper David Jung is accused of declining passenger numbers, heavy monetary loss and low ticket prices to Maui. As many inhabitants and guests decided to arrive by plane, one group still placed their bets solely on the boat. The eight-man Molokai High soccer squad took the boat to all of Maui' s soccer leagues.

It is not practicable to fly with nine seats with a large crew, a lot of gear and many members of the group. As Molokai High Athletic Director Lee DeRouin says, with the last match of the year out of the way, he has a year to find alternative solutions. The Lahaina Cruise Company, the mother company of Sea Link, could charter one of them.

Although the number of passengers has fallen, many Molokai inhabitants say that the shuttle was part of their lives.

Discontinuation of Sulokai vessel

On 27 October, the boat, which runs between Maui and Molokai, is scheduled to shut down. Sea Link of Hawaii quoted low rates from commute carriers and a dramatic decline in the number of passengers for the shuttle. Duty between Kaunakakakakai and Lahaina, Maui began almost 30 years ago. Refund will be provided to the drivers.

Sea Link recorded a net operational deficit of $523,555 last year. In order to request a reimbursement, please visit the Sea Link website for a reimbursement request now. Submission of the filled out application is due on 16 December. Reimbursement Cards are also available in the Sea Link offices and ticketing offices until 27 October.

Retrospective of the Molokai Ferry Alii Tour

Did you ever look across the Pailolo Canal from Maui to Molokai and wonder what it looks like there? Well I did, and my interest overwhelmed me and I took the Maui - Molokai shuttle. I' m not usually the one who does a package holiday, but after looking at the possibilities I chose the Alii led trip with Molokai Holiday.

The Alii trip presupposes that you checked into the port of Lahaina at 6:45 a.m. The check-in times were somewhat laughable, as the boat did not come from Molokai until 7:30 a.m. and we probably didn't leave the port until 7:35 a.m. The journey to Molokai took place at 7:30 a.m. The journey to the port of Lahaina was a little later.

This was not the newest or most beautiful boat I have ever been on, but it made for a pretty quiet trip in the mornings. They were kind and ready to respond to your queries. A simple main course meal consisted of juice, fruit, cake and bread. Start of the tourWhen we reached Kaunakakakakai Wharf on the Molokai, we got into the air-conditioned vans and meet our tourist guides.

Name of the travel leader was Vincent and he had an enchanting character. A lifelong inhabitant of Molokai, he was obviously very proud of this lovely little town. It was a tidy delivery truck with about 20 seats. Fr. Damien was living there and was a great help for the persons who suffered from Hanson's sickness.

This is a holy place for Hawaiians. This stop was a disappointment. I' d been hoping we'd go to the 500-acre coffeefarm and find out what makes the place so special, but no such happiness. It was just a stopover at Molokai's Starbucks and souvenir store.

We stoped at Purdy's Ranch and had a thorough trip from the owners, Tuddie. What is particularly beautiful about this business is that everything is cultivated and worked in a natural way without the use of pesticide and preservative. The information trail showed all phases of forest and walnut-growing. Midday meal The trip includes lunches.

At the Molokai Hotel we had a stop at the Hula Shore beaches. At the Molokai Hotel we followed the coast street, the Kamehameha V Highway. On the way we saw old fish ponds that are still standing today. The first stop after dinner was a historical chapel that Father Damien erected in 1876.

This is one of four Hawaiian chapels he has constructed, but the only one that has been preserved in its state. There is a life-size sculpture of Father Damien on the outside. There' s a second Father Damien chapel that we also saw along the Kamehameha V Highway, but we didn't stop there.

Stop at Kumimi with a view of Maui and Lanai. It was the most "overcrowded" one we saw, and it had about 6 persons. Kawakakakai Quaint would be a precise depiction of Kaunakakakai, the capital of Molokai. Me and my man used to stop at an arts store that only sells works of arts and handicrafts in Molokai.

That trip back to Maui was Rohh! One of the members of the boat was asked if the trip was always so hard and his answer was: "This is a good one. It should take 1.5 hrs to get back by boat, but it actually took 2h. Finale Thoughts on the Alii TourThis trip satisfies my interest to see Molokai.

It was interesting, but not the most interesting or enjoyable sightseeing experience I've ever done in Hawaii. I' d only suggest this route to those who have seen and done everything on Maui and do not tend to Seekekek. Most of the folks on the route seem to have had time sharks in Maui, so they had been to Maui many a time.

Cost of the trip is $190.

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