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The exotic beauty of Amaya Kuda Rah lies on the Maldives overlooking the inviting white sandy beaches of South Ari Atoll. The Amaya Resort Kuda Rah is a beachfront property in the South Ari Atoll. Atoll of South Ari, Maldives, information about the resort. Newest tweets from Amaya Kuda Rah (@AmayaKudaRah). Booking a stay at Amaya Resorts And Spas Kuda Rah.

Kuda Rah Amaya Resort Maldives experts for all resort hotels and holiday offers

If you are looking for adventures, we have a number of water sports and insular excursions that will allow you to discover the coast. Indulge yourself in a spoiling spas session or end the days in teal coloured water. Canoe through the Maldives' bluish green oceans and see how marine activity unfolds in front of you.

Canoe with your companion or tour guides through the beautiful archipelago or to your next dive site and discover the mysteries of many beautiful archipelago. If you want to test your self-balancing skills while being towed by a speedboat, jump on a banana raft and savour the ripples and curves that make you cry with joy.

Sailing is a rough trip so make sure you fit tightly inside the hose and keep it firmly while a speedboat is pulling you across the water. Discover some of the most exceptional diving spots in the Maldives such as the Kuda Rah Thila, home to gray shark reefs, Napoleonic fishing and marine tortoises.

Celebrate Amaya's beautiful water and live in the surroundings of Kuda Rah. Take an exquisite dive aboard a classic diveoni and discover the indigenous island around Kuda Rah.

Observe a pelican floating across the skies or try to get a look at a black-spotted sting ray that glides under the clear water. Its clear, hot water offers a fantastic view, your windows into a wonderful landscape of dream. Enjoy the soft tempo of the indigenous archipelago and dive into the Maldive civilization. Discover Dhigurah and Dhangethi, populated archipelago with sand roads bordered by touristic stores that sell them.

Have an entertaining outing on a remote isle where you can go snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming in shoals of tropic shoals of game. Delphins jump and submerge through blue water, and worms slide singingly into the depths before appearing for a long time.

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