Hotel Bora Bora Reopening

Bora Bora Hotel reopening

No way it's ever gonna reopen as Club Med. French Polynesia. NOVOTEL Hotel and Resort BORA BORA, the deserted NOVOTEL Hotel and Resort (Pacific)

Hi my boyfriend and thank you for watching my video! In 2020 I will return to the Pacific and visit Royal Bora Bora Bora..... Vic, I like your tapes. Yes, it was a Typhoon who met this wonderful, deserted hotel..... There was probably a big gale that ruined the place.... thanks for watching my videocass!

Hi and thank you for watching my video! Many thanks for allowing us to see the lovely Novotel Hotel on Bora Bora. Hello, thank you for watching my video and for your marvelous comment! I' ll look for photographs of this place during its prime.

Hopefully you found the pictures, it used to be such a luxury place with a secluded sandy area? Julie Barclay Thank you for watching my video! What happened to the Sofitel Maeva Hotel on the Isle of Tahiti? They shut it down a few years ago.

Thanks for watching my tapes! Bora Bora is quite a resort, isn't it, Vic? Beautiful movie of the Bora Bora Hotel, especially the Novotel Hotel & Resort. This special hyperlink points out that the Novotel Hotel and Resort in Bora Bora has actually re-opened, but under the company name:

The Bora Bora Resort on Bora Bora Beachs. We also recommend Sofitel Marara Strand, next to Bora Bora Resort (formerly known as Novotel Hotel & Resort), which was apparently released in January 2012. Vic, out of a sense of inquisitiveness, when was the last personal visit to Bora Bora?

vic Stefanu - I just re lecture sur la conseiller de voyage d'une revue d'un invité qui affirme qu'ils sont restés à bora bora bora beachsort February 2017............ce qui était drôle au sujet du commentaire des invités est qu'ils avaient aussi au moins 15+ autres commentaires datés du même jour à plusieurs endroits différents dans le monde.......voyageur très occupé !!!!!!

Michael Friedman Hi Michael, I was in Bora Bora three months ago..... I' ve been reading this post and it contains a great deal of deceptive and false information, the NOVOTEL was never opened again (under a different name, as the post suggested). There were no less than 6 villages I had to leave and ruin, I just recorded this video.....

NEWSCASTERS: Why this resort and many other Bora Bora resort were shut down, which I found through the beautiful "Internets", as G.W. Bush named them :) The" left down" says more in detail ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, +SIM MANAGER Thanks for submitting this links, I have checked it and it is very out of date..... which is surprising, however, that there are so many deserted reserves (not only closed) and in terrible state.... the fact that Bora Bora was built over (and still is) with costly reserves and the finance crises of them very harshly struck..... now they are nothing but whitey elephant slow decay....

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