The Taupo is a city on the shores of Lake Taupo, in the Taupo region of New Zealand. The Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand. Taupo lies on the outskirts of the biggest Australasian sea.

Taupo lies on the outskirts of the biggest Australasian sea. Among the area' s main activities are river angling, downhill and mountain biking and thermal parks. The beautiful Taupo is actually a giant vulcano with a fabulous story. Taupo, a seaside city, is a starting point for those who like brown trout angling, driving the Ruapehu Mountain and exploring nearby thermal phenomenon.

Taupo Lake is a great place for year-round mountaineering, with the recent Great Lake Trail completed.

2018 Taupo: Best-of Taupo, New Zealand Tourism

Explore the miracles of the Orakei Korako spa gardens with their caverns, warm water sources and cooking sludge baths. Look over Lake Taupo to see the Tongariro National Park's stunning vulcanic peaks and Huka Falls, one of New Zealand's great water miracles. Would you like to get up to 30% off your Taupo stay?

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Taupo: 12 free or low cost outdoor and outdoor sports in Taupo

15-minute ride from the city along State Highway 5 can take you to the foot of Mt Tauhara walking. Nevertheless, the lovely bushwalks that lead to vistas of Taupo and Mount Tongariro are spectacular on a clear sunny morning that is well-deserved! The Huka Falls are located 1. 6 km from Taupo, which can be reached comfortably by coach, road or spa park along the Waikato River.

Learn more about the 10 Woonderful Wonders Around Lake Taupo stroll. 3 km from Taupo. Follow the Thermal Explorer Highway for about 3.4 km and turn right into Huka Falls Road. Enjoy a swim in the spa park's heated swimming pool at the beginning of the spa park.

There is a flow of heat into the Waikato river, creating these tanks with just the right temperatures for bathing. Go upriver to find more concealed boiling water swimming pools. Now. The Huka honey hive is located near the Huka Falls. But if you really want to climb (and drop ) into the skies, did you know that Taupo is the best place in New Zealand to do a parachute jump?

See Taupo Tandem parachuting for more detail. Sitting at Taupo Lake, eating seafood and crisps. Take a look at some of the lowest price seafood and chip offers in our Taupo based cheese eats. Taupo Sangy is actually a rather nice place to take a rest, with a fantastic panoramic look at the Waikato river valley and the fun of seeing humans bungee jumping.

The Taupo is a great place to get on your bicycle as the paths are usually well kept and have little or no sludge due to the drainage of the floor area. Cycling in Taupo is a combination of seeing and doing with hiking through woods, around Lake Taupo and along the Waikato River.

You can find more information under 10 fantastic cycle paths around Lake Taupo. Rafting's a big deal in Taupo. The Aratiatia Dam, which opens up the Waikato River to hydropower several days a week, is the place to go to see more serious damage. 12 km from Taupo. As well as having a tough name, this is one of the lowest priced sites in the Taupo and Rotorua region with a price of NZ$8 per year.

Go to the crater and see how the ground is evaporating! 7 km from Taupo. The Taupo is a very camp site with some great free accommodations. Stay the evening on the Waikato River at Reids Farm Campground or on the lakeshore in Five Mile Bay. You can find more information at Where to Camp in Taupo and 5 free campsites in Taupo.

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