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Middle East Cruises. Cruises to the United Arab Emirates and Oman offer an insight into the modern Middle East with the largest buildings and shopping centres in the world. The cruises in the Middle East are full of treasures, from the extraordinary natural beauty of Oman and Dubai's impressive modern architecture to Egypt's Valley of the Kings and Jordan's'Rose-Red' city. But it is not only history that makes our cruises in Dubai, Egypt and the Suez Canal a perfect destination. Cruise the best cruises to the Middle East.

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It has an expansive Middle Eastern atmosphere that draws historians and adventurers who want to broaden their culturally mind. Egypt's Pyramid and Jordan's vanished town of Petra are sights, but there are also beautiful souk shops, stunning Mosque and deserted safari sites. Cruises to the United Arab Emirates and Oman offer an insight into the contemporary Middle East with the largest shopping centres and facilities in the run.

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Are you unsure where you want to go in the Middle East? Our cruises allow you to visit the gold shores of Muscat, experience life in Dubai and even explore the Ferrari world of Abu Dhabi. Mysteriously and magically, this tempting traveler' s paradise offers impressive hyperpyramids, vast sandy deserts, magnificent temple and cordial accommodation.

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2018 / 2019 North Africa & Middle East Cruises

WHAT A MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA CRUISE? Cruising to the Middle East and North Africa is like traveling through the ages. Situated at the intersection of Africa and Europe, Jordan is another historical centre of gravity that showcases the ancient town of Petra. At the same the cruises in the Middle East will take you quickly into the 21 C.

Near Abu Dhabi is another extravagant town. Desert adventures can also be part of your travel packages.

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