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Exclusion of liability: No tax guide for holiday homes is a substitute for professional tax advice. Hawaii's big island is just that: big.


There' are so many possibilities for the army on the beautiful Hawaii islands..... for service as well as for relatives and pensioners. This is some information that will help you better understanding what is available and where you can find it. The mall in Pearl Harbor is by far the biggest stock market and commission centre.

Harbor Hickam Joint Base Pearl Harbor has file sharing sites, shopping malls, petrol station, commission agents and almost anything you can find on the continent.... plus a few that are "only" Hwaiian. Beside JBPHH there are other large army fortifications. The Pearl Harbor and Marine Corps is in Kaneohe MCAS. It is a great asset in Waikiki for soldiers and their family!

It' situated on more than 70 hectares on Ft. DeRussy Bea. There is a large meadow between the resort and the sea with a play area for the kids, with lots of space for barbecues and picnic. On one side it borders the Hilton Hawaiian Village and on the other side the Outrigger Reef Hilton World.

There are two hotels, the Ilima and the Maile...... three restaurants....a complete gym....arcade for the children...3 pools . Barefoot bar for the grown-ups on the beach....snack bar, lounge and even a bar on the roof. According to the latest news reports, the level of rentals has remained one of the highest in the whole wide range since the opening date.

Whilst it is definitely not a five stars lodging, it is beautiful and the rooms are very cosy and neat with a beautiful tropic décor. No other Waikiki hotels with similar amenities, great resorts.... You will not find any other Waikiki hotels at these prices. From October 2012..... the price for M6 - M9....ranges from $113.00 for a default room... $154.00 for sea front... and is at $222.00 for luxury sea front.

There are many specific year round reductions available. Waikiki has the cheapest car parks in Waikiki. The most Waikiki Holidays are over $25. $7.00 per room per day to leave your car, but the Hale Koa tariff is $7.00 per room per day to leave it in your carport.

There is a multi-storey car park opposite Kalia Road and there is a shuttles for those who do not want to or cannot cross the road. When the Hale Koa is fully occupied, you will be referred to other hostels at a reduced (military) price. Oahu also has many other Oahu properties offering discounted accommodation.

Don't hesistate to ask for a specific army tariff. Hale Koa is not the only place to stay.... if you choose a seaside hut over a room in a resort.... there are a few options. a. The Bellows Air Force Station is a United States Army Reserve about 20 leagues from Waikiki near the city of Waimanalo.

Chalets, camping sites and a new residential area. Featuring some of the most beautiful sands on Oahu on your doorstep, it would be hard, if not impossible, to find a better value or better shelter for your home. Some of the huts on the coast have been recently restored.

You have a great website..... or you can call them for more information. Much is available for the children....a large play area, mini-golf, minigolf, teniscourses, footpaths and rental of surfboard, boogieboards, kayak and other toy for the surf. The Turtle Cove buildings include a bar, restaurants and a ticket and tour agency where you can hire trips, louses, etc. at competitive prices. b. The Marine Corps offer cabs, chalets, villas and lodges in Kaneohe Bay.

Situated on the upwind side of the isle, a wonderful, scenic 25-minute ride on the H3 from Pearl Harbor to Kaneohe MCAS. Canoehe Bay Base Marina provides a wide range of recreational and waterskiing, kayak, windsurfing and angling rental services. c. On the leeward side of Oahu, the Navy has several seaside houses at Barber's Point.

They are about an hour's car ride from Waikiki. d. The army also has 39 seaside huts on the leeward side of Oahu, about 35 nautical mile from Waikiki. Pilila'au is situated at Pokai Bay, a calm, sand dunes. You have a beachside nightclub and hire out standing up, bootie and surfboards as well as canoes.

There' s a safety feature at the door and you must have a army ID document. There' s a huge army coverage on Oahu, so don't hesitate to ask for a rebate wherever you go. However...there is a great tool that can help to store your vacation bucks. Information, tickets and travel (ITT) at the Pearl Harbor Mall.

Reductions are only available for members of the armed forces and their family. You can get a discount on almost every kind of activities such as louse hunting, dive and snub dive, pelagic angling, parasailing, hang-gliding, chopper excursions, inter-island excursions and Waikiki shows, to name but a few. Your wall is lined with leaflets and booklets about places of interest and activities on all of Hawaii's islands.

A lot of pilgrims come by Oahu on their way to Waikiki from the airfield or on their first day to plan their itineraries. Our personnel is kind and ready to make proposals if you are not sure what you want to do. Disneyland Travel to the Magic Kingdom can even be purchased. http://www.greatlifehawaii. com/ Great Life Hawaii Magazine is a free weekly publication that informs you about all the leisure pursuits at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam joint base.

Hale Koa Lau...... is smaller than some, but very central in Waikiki and only a few minutes walk from most places. It is cheaper than the bigger louaus, which could make it a lot simpler for the family. Situated in the gardens of the resort.... there are matches and fun on the grass before supper and the show. b. Paradise Cove, on Ali'i Nui Drive in Kapolei, is just a few minutes walk from the new Ko Olina Disney Resort.

Located on 12 gorgeous beaches for a spot of unforgettable sunsets, they provide many of Hawaii' activities and activities, such as a "shower of flowers" and a hecilau on the shore before supper and afternoons. Or if you don't want to leave, you can go from Waikiki for 13 dollars. Germaine's Luau d.

The PCC is situated on 42 hectares on the east side of Oahu, just over an hour's car ride from Honolulu. Oahu has many Oahu Army Art Museum - Pearl Harbor Museum - USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri, USS Bowfin, Pacific Aviation Museum.... the Pacific Aviation Museum is notable. b. Schofield Barracks - Tropic Lightning Museum (free).

This May is the military recognition time. Check the calendar of events, rebates, etc. around May 1st in your newsmagazine. Big Island of Hawaii is just that, BIG!..... it is more than twice the total of the other isles. The Kilauea Military Camp was first opened in the 1920' and is situated within the borders of the volcanic national park and on the hillsides of the world's most prolific vulcan.

It' another astonishing asset for army family. Polihali is located on the beautiful Garden Isle.... a seven miles long, not overcrowded, clean sandstrand. On one end is Barking Sands Naval Station, home of your Kauai options for shelters.

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