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Fifty cents fires his gunshot with Remy Ma, gets stalled by Papoose.

Papoose and Remy Ma renew their marriage-promise. In spite of their long period together, but 50 cents looks like he's still trying to fire his bullet with Remy. "Remy fucking, you dropped crazy shit, hey, skinny," said 50 on one of Remy's Instagram mail. Things didn't take long to get even more messy, and Papoose noticed the thursty reaction to the mail in the 1950s.

Shortly afterwards, Pap replied with a shadowy remark of his own and brought the 50-cent child's mom, Daphne Joy, into play. "Daphne fucking Joy, no marriage yet? Fifty cents has not reacted to Papoose, but returns to his familiar towing by aiming at Jim Jones, who was almost thrown off a plane.

50's commentaries follow on the footsteps of Remy and Papoose, who renew their marriage promise and announce that they are pregnant with their first newborn. Not surprisingly, the commentaries of the 1950s on Remy's character didn't go too well with Papoose, who jumped on welfare to shoot back and raised his 50s babygirl Daphne Joy.

Of course, 50 reacted to Papoose, played innocently and wrote a painting of Remy with the words "blocked" about the painting: Soon after, 50 put up a Remy and Papoose membrane and renewed their oaths with the words "Damn I wish you was 50" by Remy and "I know, I wish I was 50 too" by Papoose.

Compliments Remy Ma 50 cents on weight loss, papoose fire back

Fifty cents is back to his trolls, this case targeting Papoose after the New York rappers beat him back for compliments to his woman Remy Ma on her lost wig. Sunday evening (July 8th) 50 commentators took a picture of Remy Ma on Instagram showing her leanerhouette.

"Remy, you've lose a few pounds. Hey, slim," said 50. Dad finally got ahold of the commentary, fired back at 50 and raised the mom of one of his kids. He is more mature," Dadoose said. After Papooose commented, 50 started making a joke of the rappers on his Instagram page by publishing pictures of Remy Ma and Dad.

50 have posted a tempting picture of Remy Ma with the words "Blocked". "Ramy jammed until she got hold of her man and stuff," 50rote. "I said she dropped all of her weights and Pap's starting to trip. I' m not going to fight for your woman. Get the belt."

Queens also wrote a picture of a sad-looking papoose with "Nah Fif don't tell my wife she lost weight " about the one. On the caption, 50 added, "Okay, but she slimmed and she's fine, what the hell do you want me to do about it." Dadoose also has some pictures of 50 showing the rappers with sexual toy.

"Papoose in one of the picture signatures and mocked the new proverb of the 50s. Have a look at the contributions of 50 cents and Papoose below.

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