Andros Island Bonefish Club Reviews

Bonefish Club Andros Island Reviews

Grande journée de pêche de l'île d'Andros Bonefishing Club. Behring Point Settlement, Bahamas. The Andros Island Bonefish Club is located in the city of Behring Point Settlement. Booking the Andros Island Bonefish Club & read reviews. Ratings from Andros Island Bonefish Club in the Bahamas.

Beautiful angling and a great place for a group of mates! - Looking back on the Andros Island Bonefishing Club, Andros, Bahamas

So I didn't stop at the club, I took a one-day Bonefish tour. It was a low-cost plane and Juliet told me how to get to Andros Island and had me collected at the Aiport. Danny, my leader, knew the area well, and although he thought it was a long time ago, I catched a lot of bony fish.

I' m an expert fly fisherman, but I have been fishing almost entirely in Alberta's water.

The Andros Island Bonefish Club | Andros Island Fishing Lodges

Angling: Guided tour: The Andros Island Bonefish Club has a certain fame in the Bahamian fisherman's paradise with so many faithful, returning people. It was Rupert Leadon who bought the house from the Bahamian authorities in 1984, with the vision of building the Iodge. Today's location is a Bonefishodge with 30 rooms, a full suite of facilities and the ideal starting point for your Bahamian flying holiday.

Located on a small, sheltered stream at the east end of Andros North Bay, AIBC provides easy entry to some of the best Bahamian flying fisheries. Only 100 metres from the camp itself is a paddable plain where bonefish are often seen - beyond that the possibilities to hunt with a variety of bonefish are infinite, and Andros' legendary double-digit bonefish is a real one.

Fishers from 16?-18? modern apartments can either skiff and go angling from the boats or through wadden harsh plains and sandy beach can be done. Excursions to the isolated western side of Andros can be organized if circumstances allow, where the fishers can get a gunshot at the casual permission and the tariff.

Off-shore angling can also be organised. Following the merger with the neighboring Creekside Laodge in 2003, AIBC now has 30 rooms for ours. There is a neighbourhood of the chalet itself and all rooms have a view of the seas. Did you stay at the Andros Island Bonefish Club - Cargill Creek, Andros, Bahamas?

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