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Temporary work visas will no longer be issued to Haiti and Samoa. Samoa news, including commentaries and archive articles published in the New York Times. Find out about the latest issue of the Official Public Service Circular.

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Malielegaoi, Samoa's Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele, has been clearly upset by the long, protracted fight to prohibit Taros between the two Samoas. Prior to the resumption of trading, American samoa then indicated that its planters would first be visiting the Samoan exporters' herds. This led to an export prohibition for American-Samoa, which was then imposed on him.

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Messages the way you want them. First four students caught in the Thailand cavern have beaten the chances of making it. 2013 Kylie is back" and the crowd loves it. There were four young Thais with their first breaths after two short days of drastic rescues. The capsule has been developed by Elon Musk to help the captured soccer club.

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Samoa: In this one-year memorial to the men, woman and child who died in the disastrous September 2009 Samoa and Tonga tidal wave, our thoughts are with family, friend and community. A little more than a month after the South Samoan South Samoan Tsunami, which killed one percent of the Samoan populace and hit one in six persons badly, aid measures are still urgently needed.

Oxfam, the global organisation, stresses that recreation is not just about immediate aid, but about longer-term developments. Having rushed in a rescue squad to provide the most essential aid items - potable running water, footwear, clothing, Fala lilli (mats), sleep ing-bags and canned crates of seafood - the Oxfam global aid organisation is stepping up its assistance in Samoa.

Oxfam has issued a call for NZ$250,000 to support the pressing needs of the Samoa population affected by this week's Asian devastating Asian devastating disaster. Following the wave ravages, those who survived are now confronted with desiccation, inadequate protection and the danger of illness. Oxfam, the global agency's crisis response force, is in Samoa today to respond to pressing needs.

Today Oxfam is deploying an ambulance to Samoa to respond to the pressing needs of the victims of yesterday's devastating tidal wave. The Oxfam calls on the New Zealand community to lend its generous aid to Oxfam following the Samoa quake and tidal wave and the floods caused by typhoon Ketsana in East Asia.

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