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Kauai is more hazardous than the rest of Hawaii - Kauai Forum

October 11, 2011, 11:42 am The sea, or everything you see about what concerns the world of mothers, takes some care and not for sure.... and that is all over the world. Nearest I came to death / Drowning in a marine setting not here on Kauai.

Things were off shore, Bodies that surfs in some very great environments, back in my first year of college. What are you doing here? We have never had a dilemma after 17 years here on Kauai, but we look at the season and the windsurfing stories and look at the sea, and try to catch the tides before we enter, a million per year, come here to go to the beaches and savour the sea, and just do well.

But if you are completely concerned.......you could alter your plans....but be conscious of the sea condition on one of our islands...or anywhere on this world. There are major issues coming from most people who are ignorant of the sea condition they can actually see, they are ignorant of the high windsurfing alerts, they are ignorant of fundamental sea security, they are ignorant of proposals in windsurfing ports to verify with lifeguard, they are not reading up on sea security or reading the sea security pamphlet, and many are ignorant of a very important sea security rule...DO NOT SWIM ALONE.

In this season.....or short....the southern bank should be better for snorkelling and swimming.........with some good nights in the north....but be warned that even northerly waves could come from the northerly latitudes, and these waves will affect all northerly banks on all isles.

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