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(Terry Skagg comments on the Manu'a Islands of American Samoa). Holiday packages especially for American Samoa (WS), included in the price. Unspoilt Hiding Places in Samoa The first time I visited the Samoan arcipelago I was told an unhappy truth: I did not stay near long enough. For four and a half day to try just a little of the two separate Samoa, a group of ten volcanoes, and American Samoa, another five immediate eastern Isles (which form the only US territory to be located just south of the equator), seemed a little bit of a crime when I got to Pago Pago Pago, the capitol of American Samoa on the southern Pacific Isle of Tutuila.

I' ve been hearing similar tales from Tammy Lindsey and Allison Hogan, a couple of Down Under Anzwers (DUA) booking agent, the Seattle-based wholesale company offering US travellers holiday packages for Samoa. They both travelled to Samoa to find a mix of work-related research and relaxed holiday happiness. I' ve worked with Hogan and Lindsey, two long-time professionals, to create the following four excellent accommodation in the Samoan archipelago for travellers who want to experience the untouched nature of the area.

This luxurious shop complex was totally devastated by the 2009 cataclysmic tidal wave and re-opened two years later with a beautiful selection of beach and sea-views. Ideal for pairs, the mansions are located on the coast of a sheltered cove on the southern bank of the self-sufficient Upolu in Samoa, with a few show-stop sessions on cliffy foothills with views of the Pacific Ocean.

There is also a fantastic dining area, an endless swimmingpool with views of the sea, a swim-up area and a range of outdoor pursuits on the property's own beaches. Featuring stunning treehouse suites and a selection of beaches that open their gates directly onto a sandy area.

You can also connect to higher Royal Beach Villas, which can accommodate up to 10 people and are ideal for multi-generational families. Situated just a brief cruise from one of Samoa's best windsurfing spots, Coconut provides surfing and diving trips along with classic boom canoeing, great snorkelling and a full-service spas.

Situated on the less advanced Samoan archipelago of Savaii, Le Lagoto is for travellers looking for a lot of genuineness. The Lagoto is ideal for those who really want to get away and offers a choice of comfortable beach and seaside bungalow accommodation, spas and a variety of excursions, including turtle swims and exploration of the riverfalls.

While you won't find extensive beach resort on the American Samoa Isle of Tutuila, you'll find beautiful walks in the National Park's indigenous rain forest and beautiful snorkelling in the Fagatele Bay Sea Reserve. A perfect place for an intimate marriage, this small estate lies a little back from a breathtaking array of sea cliffs. Here you will find the perfect place for an unforgettable getaway.

The hotel provides travellers with a Continent style breakfasts for a stay in four quality rooms, the main suites or a detached chalet, as well as easy entry to two fresh water swimmingpools, a common room and a fully equipped cuisine where you can cater.

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