Places to Visit in South new Zealand

Locations to visit in South New Zealand

It is an alpine village on the other side of the world from the Alps. Best of South Island New Zealand, including travel information, a South Island map, attractions, Fiordland, Milford Sound, Abel Tasman and more. On the summit of the South Island there is a lot of sunshine, just one of many reasons to visit.

Top 10 destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand is for many travellers both a fantastic place to visit and a unique place to visit.... When you are making your first New Zealand tour or if you are making a journey back to see more of this lovely and rugged land, you may want to know which places in New Zealand are at the top of the sights.

These are our tips for the 10 best places to visit in New Zealand. New Zealand's best places for angling, yachting and other water sports are the islands' beaches. Auckland is about three hour's drive from the bay of islands. Stay at the historical Duke of Marlborough with the difference of owning New Zealand's oldest bar licence on a beautiful island in the centre of the cove.

The Milford Sound was dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World" by Rudolf Kilpling, and when you visit this part of New Zealand you will see why. Milford Sound, which was shaped by ice during the Ice Age, is still an evocative example of an era of rapid development in the shape of an epoch: an era of glaciers: Milford Sound is by boating.

You can also go on your own on a kayak trip through the sea. As soon as you get to know the sea from the Surface, go submerged with a visit to the Milford Discovery Centre and Untererwater observatory. It is the only swimming marine observation site in New Zealand, and guests can go more than 30 ft below (while remaining dry) and enjoy 360 degree marine life.

Not many accommodations are near the sounds, but if you don't want to spend the three and a half hour from Queenstown, think of The Milford sound lodge. New Zealand's biggest metropolis and a major aviation gateway, Auckland is one of the best places in New Zealand.

New Zealand has many intercontinental arrivals via Auckland Airport, making it an excellent base from which to begin your New Zealand discovery. Stay at least a week or two in Auckland - described by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 destinations in the worlds - before travelling further away in New Zealand.

These are our proposals for what you can see and do in Auckland: Bring some of Auckland' s cultural attractions by exploring one of Auckland's many museum sites, such as the Auckland Gallery. New Zealand's biggest arts gallery, the Auckland Gallery, boasts more than 15,000 works of historical, cutting-edge and present-day work.

And if the sun is shining, take a walk through the 185-acre Auckland Domain Park. On Saturdays, if you are coming to visit, stop at the Parnell Farmers' Market, which offers daily groceries. It is also home to a variety of multi-cultural pubs and dining establishments offering all kinds of cuisines, so be sure to eat in Auckland' s city centre (and go for a drink or two to explore the nightlife).

The Auckland Bridge Climb is a good place to consider if you are looking for outdoor adventures in Auckland. If you' re really bold, try the Auckland Bridge bungy jump. Get the best out of the Auckland Bridge. Auckland City Tour or an America's Cup cruise at Waitemata Harbour are available for those looking for a guide to Auckland. Wherever you live in Auckland, you'll find something interesting.

Check out accommodation at CityLife Auckland, which is within easy walk of several Auckland attractions including the harbour, North and Princes Wharf, and the SkyTower. Waiheke Island, one of New Zealand's best places for winelovers, is just over 30 min by boating from Auckland' s city centre.

Waiheke Iceland is the home of many vines for a small islet in the centre of Hauraki Gulf. In order to try as many of them as possible during your visit to Waiheke Iceland, you will want to look for another driver. Waiheke Iceland Wine Tours is our tip, with experienced tour leaders taking you to three vinyards to taste 14 different types of wine.

Waiheke Island's vines will make you anxious. If it' food is ready, make your lunches or dinners reservations at the Mudbrick Vineyard Restaurant, a beautiful restaurant overlooking the beautiful countryside and the ocean. Booking the Mulbrick Wineyard Restaurant degustation menue for a very memorable dining experience is a seven-course experience with a combination of wines.

Waiheke Island has more to do than just drinking good wines! The island is also known for its lively arts scene, sandy shores, woods and olives-growing. Waiheke Island is one of the best places in New Zealand and we suggest you book a cultural visit, a sightseeing fly or a walking safari while you are there to really see why Waiheke Island is one of the best places in New Zealand.

It is definitely a good idea to spend the night on Waiheke Island. Select Delamore Lodge, one of the top rated Waiheke Island properties on TripAdvisor. There are also some great package deals available, which range from wines and meals to wellness treatment for couple. Christchurch residents will see proof of the city's revival everywhere, among them new structures from old ship boxes such as the Re:START shopping centre.

Christchurch Botanical Garden is one of the best places to visit, an extensive net of winter garden, hiking trails and garden shows. New Zealand's parks also have some of the biggest, highest and oldest tree species in the world. The White Island is the most volcanic area in the nation, making it one of the best places in New Zealand for adventure-seekers.

Experience White Island up close-up by taking a picturesque chopper trip with Volcanic Air Safaris. Their White Island route will not be a comfortable walk: There are a number of other ways to discover the White Island if a White Island heli trip is not your thing. Take a trip by ferry to White Island or take a bird's-eye look at a sightseeing bird's mouth canopy.

Dive even around White Island to take a look at the freshwater openings of the vulcano. When a White Island trip is on your check list, reserve a overnight stay at the White Island Rendezvous in Whakatane. Booking a trip together with your room will help you save the trip to the city on the trip's date.

Queenstown is situated on the south-western side of the South Island and has a well-deserved reputation as New Zealand's adventurous city. Without Te Puia, the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley in Rotorua, no listing of the best places in New Zealand would be exhaustive.

Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley is also home to a number of energetic hockey species, among them Pohutu, the biggest energetic hockey species in the entire Southland. Waitomo Glowworm caverns, lit with natural light by tens of millions of glowworms, are among the most singular places in New Zealand - and a visit to the caverns is an unforgettable one.

Select your own adventures when booking your trip. Ruakuri has a fantastic helical entry and singular chalk rock formation - and, okay, more fireflies, but in this cavern you can do a hike rather than a water-based trip. Through its website, it provides both a health resort and reservation for caving tours.

Explore a recent New Zealand glazing. On the Franz Josef Gletscher there are accompanied hikes as well as breathtaking chopper-routes. Trips range from iceclimbing to a relaxing walk on the 6.8 mile long mountaintop. Aren't you going to freeze on a huge mountain creek? Franz Josef Gletscher gets a great deal of daylight, and the temperature on the icy slopes is usually only a few grades cooler than in the neighbouring city.

Experience a whole days experience on the Franz Josef Glacier with a swim in the Glacier Hot Swimmingpools. Swimming baths are supplied by the water of the Franz Josef Glacier and you can use one of the three hot swimming baths or get a privat swimming baths. Francis Joseph is a small city whose exact position does not make much sense (you are always near everything, no mater where you are).

Have a look at Aspenhof Franz Josef, which has some of the best scores in the region.

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