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The top 10 of Australia's wealthiest and worst postcodes

Recently issued Australian Taxation Office (ATO) figures have shown what Australia's most prosperous and impoverished areas are. The ATO' s 2014-15 tax statistic reported issued today provided a number of findings, among others on what our affluent and impoverished postal codes are, which profession makes the most revenue and which states are the most liberal.

Sydney's east outskirts are still home to Australia's most prosperous inhabitants, according to ATOs. NAWI made up 7 of the 10 most prosperous postal codes in the land, while Victoria was the next with two. The only runaway is Western Australia, whose outskirts Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove round off ninth place in the ranking.

On the other end of the range, NSW also claims the lowest postcode in the land, Bulyeroi and Rowena. It is also home to most of the top 10 lowest postal codes. Surgists averaged an impressive $377,000/year across the nation, with anesthesiologists not far behind at $341,000/year.

NSW can be regarded as the most non-profit state with the highest mean donations. No wonder, if 7 out of 10 of Australia's richest postal codes are in NSW. The information is taken from the Taxation Statistics 2014-15 Report of the Australian Taxation Office.

Greatest of Norfolk

There is no better place on a sun-drenched days than to lie on a sandbank, watch the clear sky and listen to the tranquility of island-living. Are you a naturalist, a birdwatcher or just a dreamer, you will like this place. In the western part of the island is closed to the general population during the summers, so that the nesting species are not disturb.

Except you are an enthusiastic twitter and filthy seaman, you will probably be setting sail on the island to the east after jumping aboard the Burnham Overy Staithe ship in the early and late springs and summers. They jumped onto the bridge and drove through the streams to the island.

There is something magic and encouraging about seeing an island; a pledge of country encircled by the great oceans. I' m priviledged to be here every single day I step on the coast, and I often have to admit that this is in Norfolk, right on my front door; something so nice and intact.

This is a great setting for a picknick, as the island is sometimes very windy. Some are embarking on further adventures and hike around the island, each area has its own charm. You will need an parasol and waterproof, especially if you are walking or boating around the island and bound to the island for several inches.

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