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North and South Island Cruise & Rent a Coach - New Zealand Message Board We' re going to Auckland to see the best of North and South Island. What is the best and least expensive way to get between the two isles when renting a vehicle? Can I rent a vehicle on each of the island and use it as a pedestrian or by boat in a rental one?

Propose that you go to Google and enter "Interislander New Zealand" and you get several sites related to the passenger/car Ferry. Bigger agents often have deals for those who return vehicles from Wellington to Auckland, as visitors often travel to Auckland, work south and then leave Christchurch.

North Island to South Island | Thrifty Rental car New Zealand

Usually this trip lasts about 3h. There is an agency at the Picton and Wellington terminal. When you want to travel both of them, you don't have to be worried about the cost of the ferries. Please let us know when you want to go from one island to another.

Leave your vehicle at the airport on one side, take the boat and we have another vehicle that will be there when you get there. The schedules of the ferries differ and can be changed without prior notification (the ocean does not always keep to the schedule). The current schedule can be viewed here or here or you can make a reservation by boat.

Multi-Iceland Rent a car in NZ

To allow inter-island rental, Avis has a Multi-Island Hire book. Book your trip - from the first pick-up date and place to the return point. You' ll receive your new reservations numbers so that the sites know that your car is waiting for you to arrive.

Never rent or hire a vessel on an Interisland boat. When arriving by Bluebridge you have to take a cab to the Interislander terminal. If you return your rented cars to either the Wellington or Picton ferry terminals, please make sure that the vehicles are filled up.

In this way you can prevent a bonus for gasoline on site. When you arrive at your final destination, there is a new full fuel truck available so you don't have to pay twice. When renting a GPS handheld device, please take it with you on the boat.

GPS navigators can be used in all rented cars. An Avis employee will be at your arrival harbour with the keys of your new hire vehicle. If you leave your vehicle at Avis, you will have to cover a brief stretch on foot in order to get on as a pedestrian on your boat.

In case the minimal rent duration is not kept, the rent will be calculated as two seperate rents. When you travel between the two isles more than once (e.g. the renting starts on the North Island, goes to the South Island and then traverses the North Island again to end the renting), this third renting duration has no minimal time.

The rent can be of any length as long as the first two lease terms meet the minimal conditions. Once the required rentals are in place, rentals can begin and end at any Avis New Zealand office (subject to car availability). The Picton Ferry Terminal and Wellington Ferry Terminal can be used to travel across the two archipelagoes or to other Avis destinations.

Please note: This guideline only apply if you travel to the other island, not to a place within the same island. Between the time the car is put down on an island and the collection of the next car a max. of 5 hrs is permitted (i.e. the duration of the journey between the island is approx. 3 hrs to 45 min).

The customer's intent to sail the island must be announced at least 72hrs in advance if no bookings have been made. We cannot warrant that a car will be available on the other side without prior notification. It is your task to reserve the Interisland ferry as a pedestrian for every journey between the North and South Island with a Multi-Island Hire.

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