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Hawaiian Islands are not unknown on the big and small screens and have been shown in many films over the years. It is one of the best snorkelling spots in Hawaii. The Oahu Waterfall Hike includes a shuttle from your Waikiki Hotel to the Rainforest Manoa Falls. Oahu, Hawaii (Flickr: LASZLO ILYES). The city of Hawaii differs from the rest of the USA in its unique history and culture.

Oahu 8 famous movie pages

Hawaii' isles are not unknown on the big and small screens and have been shown in many different ways over the years. Although all of them have been used in fiction flicks, Oahu has been used the most and is still a TV and movie hotspot. As you may remember, the best place to shoot the successful show was on the Isle of London, and many of the show's sites can be found and seen.

Looking around the archipelago, it is easily seen why Hollywood was so willing to use the beach, the rain forest and even the locals in film. Because of the varied landscapes, different parts of the islands can be used as different places, and the teams do not have to go very far to find beauty.

These are 8 films and their shooting sites that you can see on a visit to Oahu: 50 First Dates - although this movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore used a large part of the Isle, the most important places you can see in the movie are Kualoa Ranch and Sea Life Parc. He was a coach in the garden and even used part of the park's residency in the movie.

Goodzilla - several Godzilla movies have Oahu, most recently the 2014 release, which was recorded in Waikiki and at Kualoa Ranch. Visit Kualoa, Godzilla's foot print is still there and you can still standing in it just to see how big it really is. One of the first movies made on the Isle, From Here to √Čternity is set on Oahu and follows the tale of a military man based in the Scholfield barracks.

One of the most popular scenery of the movie is set in Halona Bay on the southern shore of the isle. Harbor Pearl - not well preserved over the years, Pearl Harbor opened too much hoopla when it was out. The shooting took place on Ford Iceland, in Pearl Harbor and on the Kualoa Ranch.

A lot of yachtsmen were used, as well as many local people. Forget Sarah Marshall - this drama has become a worship over the years and was shot mainly in Turtle Bay on Oahu's North Shore. How can we remove Elvis from this group? and Hawaii is in love with Elvis.

Later The King shot "Girls! and Paradise, Hawaiian Style on Oahu, but that stays his most famous one. The shooting took place all over the archipelago and was also shot on Kauai. Raiders of the Lost Ark - while Raiders didn't shoot much on Oahu, we'll be counting it, because how could we take that off the schedule.

You will recognise Oahu during the famed tartantel sequence, although in the motion picture the scenery was the Peru. He used Oahus Kualoa Runch for one of the most popular moments in cinematography. Visiting the farm, you will see the tree trunk under which people hid while fleeing from a herd of them.

Cauai was the principal shooting venue, but Maui and Oahu were also represented. There is no shortlist of films shot on Oahu without a point break. Oahu's renowned movie venues can be visited during your stay, and many of the trips offered on our website will take you to these places.

Because of the high number of people visiting Hawaii all year round, our Hawaii trips and events are quickly sold out.

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