Partos in Greece is one of the most popular islands of the Cyclades. Partos is a Greek island in the central Aegean. Serene Paros rests in the shadow of the limelight. In the Cyclades, Paros is the second largest island. Activities in Paros, Cyclades:

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Partos in Greece is one of the most beloved of the Cyclades. Situated in the Aegean, Paros Isles is ideally suited for youngsters, romantics and family. Pariça' historic towns, especially Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes, are examples of perfectly preserved cycladian architectural style, with white-washed sweet homes, cobbled roads and vaulted church buildings.

Most of the beach is known for its beautiful waters and gold sands. On the southeastern side, like Gold Beach and New Gold Beach, the beach is particularly loved for the windsurf. Antiparos is a beautiful excursion from the small isle with its crystalline sandy beach and relaxed ambience.

This is one of the most characteristic Isles of the Cyclades, renowned for its beautiful night life, beautiful sandy beach and tradition. The Parikia and Naoussa are the principal towns of Paros, where most of the activity is focused, while there are other sea tourism towns on the isle. The Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are the most popular Paros beach, perfect for wind surfing and kite-surfing.

The other beautiful sands in Paros are Santa Maria, Kolymbithres and Parasporos. Situated in the center of the Cyclades, Paros can be paired with other island holiday destinations such as Paros, Antiparos or Mykonos. A lot of daily trips are also organised to shut down the island throughout the whole year. Take a look at our guidebook and better organise your Paros holiday: see towns, beautiful sandy spots and places of interest.

Have a look at our photographs, 360 images and cards to better understand the isle. Organise your vacation in Paros through our tour pages: look at the recommended hotel, reserve your ferries to Paros, reserve a rental vehicle, reserve your transfers and itineraries. In case you do not want to go into all these aspects, please ask us if we can organise your Paros-Vacation.

Booking your Paros Resort. The accommodations in Paros Greece are distributed all over the whole isle. There are many touristic establishments in Naoussa and Parikia. It is the capitol and major harbour of the Isle of Parikia and has both large and small guest houses and typical suites. There are many rooms and studio as well as other high class rooms.

There are romantical resort, luxurious suite and boutiquehotels all over the country, especially in Golden Beach and New Golden Beach. Paros is one of the most popular greece archipelago of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades. Marvellous coastline, beautiful architectural features and night life are what make Paros unique.

In Paros Greece everyone will find something exciting: the young people will enjoy the lido and nightclubs, the secure sand shores with restaurant and romantically couple will be thrilled by the relaxed atmoshere. The Golden and New Golden Streets, Kolymbithres and Santa Maria are among the most attractive places to go to, while the historic towns of Naoussa, Parikia, Lefkes and Marpissa are definitely a must.

Paros was known in antiquity for its delicate marbles used in sculptures and shrines. Situated in the center of the Aegean, near Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos, Paro's holiday can be effortlessly paired with a jump to other isles. You can go by canoe to Antiparos, a small isle opposite Paros with crystalline waters and cycladian architectural features, for a full outing.

This Paros tour guides you to all the information you need about your stay on the Isle. Naoussa's old harbour is the most scenic place in Paros. Situated on the north side of the isle, Naoussa has many seafood shops, lounges and canteens. Kolymbithres is situated directly opposite the Naoussa cove and is renowned for its crystalline water and beautiful crags.

You can reach it by coach or ship from Naoussa. Until the middle of the nineteenth centuary this was the old capitol of the isle. Golden Beach, one of the most attractive sandy and crystalline water spots on the isle. It is also a favourite Windsurf spots on the Isle. Ancient Antiparos is a small islet, which can easy be seen as a daily excursion from Paros.

Excursions to Antiparos of Parikia and also regular ferry services from the harbour of Pounda. Panagia Ekatontapyliani Monastery, situated in the city of Parikia, is the guardian of the isle. The Cyclades is very famous for wind and kite surf. Surfspots are Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, on the southeast side of the isle.

You will find many interesting coral and rocky cliffs with interesting wildlife around the islands and old mines. That makes the isle a great place to dive. There is a ferry trip in high season from Paros to Delos Islands, the holy isle with the shrine of the god Apollo.

We continue our trip to the isle of Mykonos. Sailing from Paros to the beautiful Santorini archipelago in this area. Visiting the beautiful calderas, see the vulcano and enjoy a breath-taking look at the Aegean Sea. Experience adventure at night, swimming on the fabulous beach and hike through quaint cycladian towns with this vacation pack with Paros and Mykonos, two renowned Greece isles.

Combination of your holidays on Paros with two other beautiful beaches of the Cyclades: the beautiful isle of Santorini with the popular vulcano and the beautiful Milos. Those who were looking for Paros were also looking:

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