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Jeju Island in South Korea offers hidden pleasures for travellers. Jeju, South Korea's island, fights as Chinese tourists leave. This is a cosy guesthouse in the beautiful island Jeju! Booking your trip in Jeju Island, South Korea and save with Expedia! There are thousands of great holiday offers on Jeju Island to choose from.

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Frequent non-stop services to and from Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing and Shanghai (as well as South Korean airports) and generous travel visas make getting there a breeze. Isle of Jeju Island offers a Hallasan volcano that dominates the island from the centre, a 224 km long semi-tropical wooded Nationalpark, a rugged coast with falls and the longest cave in the word.

Jeju prides herself with a pinch of humor - three things - wind, stone and woman. Around 1750 bricklayers then began to carve stone into grandfathers blacks (Dolharubang) to deter intruders -- solid phallus sculptures that could be thought to be remote Easter Island Mool' cronies. Jeju Island image of a merman.

There is no growing paddy on this rugged, windswept island, so the girls have learnt to scuba diving for cuttlefish, alalone, mussels, cuttlefish and ling. They can be seen at work in various places around the island, including Jungmun Beach, Seogwipo. Most of the beautiful coastline seems to surround Jeju Island. Jejus breathtaking coastline. Oll in the vernacular means a tortuous road to your front doorstep, and Oll's coastline paths now meander around much of the island.

Climb over peculiar cliffs down to the ocean from a luxuriant, strolling southern coastal trail with a view of rugged isles and see the caverns that the inhabitants of the island had to excavate by Israeli occupying forces to conceal their arms. If you really want to get a foretaste of the island, try the algae and lake ice cream broth.

Drive to Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong), the 182 metre high conical rock that rises from the ocean with a broad, verdant caldera on the east side of the island.

There are 5 good reason to come to Jeju Island, South Korea

I' ve just come back from a life-changing journey to Jeju Island in South Korea. It' has already met my high hopes and I look forward to sharing my experiences on the island with you! I would like to say that I have been living and teaching English in South Korea for 2 years before diving into the depths of this upright.

I' ve been in South Korea more than in any other countries except the USA and I like it. It is where I first began traveling (blogging) as a careers, and it is when I fall in sweet fall in asia for the first of my life (where I have been in asia for 5 years now).

Believe it or not, my last journey to Jeju was my very first one on the island! No wonder Jeju is known as the Hawaii of Korea." The Jeju is a vulcanic island that was founded about 2 million years ago and is located just to the south of the main land. It is actually quite small, only 274 km around, but its breathtaking natural surroundings and secluded landscape have earned it the award of 3 UNESCO places and above all have made it one of the 7 new naturalonders!

On the Jeju I stayed 3 nights - from north to south, east and west. Jeju Island does justice to the frenzy and more! When the always fresher sea food, the breathtaking sandy beach and the rugged racehorse are not enough to arouse your interest in Jeju Island, then there are 5 more good reason to be there.

First, watch my Jeju Recaps to see if the island is up to the challenge! Incomparable culture: Jeju's cultural heritage goes back hundreds of years and years. Jeju's sculpture of Grandpa is the emblem, as can be seen everywhere. Made in 1774 after the former Korea guide asked the Jeju Islands to make 48 of them, they have since become the face of the island.

Jeju also has about 6,000 female scuba diver, whose mean lifespan is 75 years (yes, seventy-five!), and they go into the ocean with their naked hands to fetch it. That is something very special on Jeju Island! The island of Jeju has only 600,000 inhabitants - that is about 3% of Seoul's total inhabitants in a country three times the area of Seoul's metropolis.

Anywhere on Jeju Island you can relax. No one in Jeju is in a rush - a really beautiful diversion from busy Seoul. And if you like walking and walking, then you are on the right island! It was I who found that the best way to explore the island on horseback is to explore its environment and appreciate the island's natural beauties.

During my Jeju trip we often parked our cars and walked for kilometres. Also for all oceans enthusiasts there are dives to see the amazing rose and reddish coral. No wonder Jeju is a favourite place to go on a Korean or foreign holiday.

This island is made for romantic. Sweet cafes, eateries, boutiques and even a Themepark named Lovely Land! The island of Jeju is so popular that there are more departures from Seoul to Jeju every day than two other places in the whole wide globe - can you believe it? It is difficult to shorten this length because there are a dozen more good reason to fell in Love with Jeju.

However, I sincerely trust that this will arouse your interest in getting an idea of it for yourself. You can find more information about Jeju in my travelling blogs and on my Facebook page. Yeju videos:

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