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Chair of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. A former regional director of the US Department of Education, Pearson, said: Normes d'enseignement - American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Which is your highest level of education?

American-Samoa Education Department heads angry by branching off sums not spent

Dr. Claire Poumele, Director of Education in American Samoa, is very frustrated that DOE resources will be re-programmed if there are not enough bus services and there are no municipal resources to fund sport programs in our cities. Dr. Poumele says that the unused resources in the DOE fund were for more than 30 vacant jobs that included lecturing.

Teaching posts called for Bachelor's and Master's qualifications, and the department could not find any suitable candidates. He hoped that the remaining funding would be used to buy much-needed new busses for secondary education and to finance sport programs for schoolchildren. It says that sport activity in education cannot be funded by government subsidies and there is no funding for sport programs in education locally.

Training Jobs in Mpumalanga

One of the world' s foremost private educational institutions is looking for a cashier to be located on its campus in Randburg. One of the world' s foremost private educational institutions is looking for a cashier to settle on its campus in Nelspruit.

We are associated with over 200 colleges in China and have two additional recruitment offices in Los Angeles and England. We are associated with over 200 colleges in China and have two additional recruitment offices in Los Angeles and England.

We are associated with over 200 colleges in China and have two additional recruitment offices in Los Angeles and England.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega Press release

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that President Obama has included H.R. 3940 in the law." Consequently, the 2010 and 2011 US Samoa pay rises will be delayed." "Speaking on our own behalf, and in earlier news reports, I openly thank Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC),

George Miller (D-CA), Chairman and Ranking Member John Kline (R-MN) of the House Committee on Education, Chairman Nick Rahall (D-WV) and Ranking Member Doc Hastings (R-WA) of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Congresswoman Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Congressman Madeleine Bordallo (D-GU) and Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-VI) for their guidance and assistance in the success of H.

R. 3940," said Faleomavaega. "I do not believe that this law would have happened to the House or the Senate without the prayer of our population. We were overwhelmed by the republicans as well as by the democrats in the House and Senate, and I could not help but notice that the closing ballot took place on the one-year jubilee of the tidal wave that demanded the deaths of those we love.

" "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the House and Senate backstage people who have worked to make this possible, such as Terry Lierman, Barry Jackson, Steve Stombres, Jody Calemine, Barrett Karr, Todd Young, Anne Thorsen, Al Stayman, Isaac Edwards, Bob Greenawalt, Jim Zoia, Nick Matiella, These are Clay Lightfoot, Kimberly Wallner, Ed Corrigan, Jed Bullock, Matthew Hermann, John Whitt, Alexis Covey-Brandt, Austin Burnes, Bob Schwalbach, Anne Thorsen, Brian Modeste, Nikki Bullock, Colleen Gilbert, Bonnie Bruce and many others.

"Lastly, I thank President Obama for today's adoption of this law, and I appreciate the assistance of Nik Pula, Director of the US Department of the Interior's Office for Insular Affairs, in drawing the attention of White House employees to the fact that the law was submitted for approval by the US House of Representatives.

Mr President, I also thank Alejandro Perez in the White House for working so close with my bureau to alert the President so that our signing date is complied with. He could have relocated as StarKist's proprietor, but he didn't, and I thank him for his dedication to the American Samoa population.

" "And I also thank and appreciate Mr. Don Binotto, President and CEO of StarKist. and he' s always proved that he's doing everything to keep StarKist in American Samoa. Mr Binotto and Chairman Kim have my own assurance that I will remain with StarKist and will do everything in my power to pave the way for us to maximise and safeguard the jobs of our resident canners who cannot fairly vie against Thailand payers of $0.75 and less per hours.

" "I would like to thank once again our nation, the Governor and also the American Samoa legislation and everyone who participated in this important effort," Faleomavaega concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that President Barack Obama has ratified the 2010 Small Business Jobs Act to give small companies the opportunity to obtain new lines of finance and investment to help create jobs.

"Faleomavaega added, "Two main programmes - the State Small Business Banking Initiative Programme and the Small Business Lending Fund - form the main features of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. "State Business Crime Initiative", managed by the Ministry of Finance, aims to fund the development of small business loan programmes to support the development of small business lending by municipalities.

Among the formula-based routine, American Samoa is suitable for a grant of not less than $13. 5 million. In order to obtain the funding, the host country must submit an application to the secretary, which includes an implementing schedule and programme planning, which may involve credit guarantee, lending or security programmes that are in place in other countries and territory.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) figures indicate that ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank is a prospective nominee for the funds under this program," describes Faleomavaega. "The new Act's other small business administration (SBA) programmes and taxation rules also cover American Samoa. SMEs qualifying for bank credit in American Samoa or elsewhere, such as Hawaii or Guam, will receive a number of benefits and fiscal relief under the new Acts.

" "I would like to thank President Barack Obama, spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Harry Reid for their guidance on this matter. The small businesses are an important part of our economies as an important means of creating jobs, and I am delighted that the advantages of this new legislation will be available in American Samoa," Faleomavaega concludes.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said he will never forgotten the human toll he committed on September 29 a year ago when American Samoa was affected by the strongest 2009 quake, which occurred about 140 nautical leagues to the southeast of Pago Pago, American Samoa, and 125 leagues just outside Samoa.

"``The quake, which recorded March 8 on the Richter magnitude, triggered a massive tidal wave that struck American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga, swept automobiles and group out to sea as unfortunate escaped to the degree object,' same Faleomavaega. "American Samoa had many kids unwittingly run for the war.

" "Whole American Samoa and the neighbouring Samoa and Tonga archipelago were ravaged by the catastrophe. "While we stop to recall the loss of life and the affected homes, I would like to thank President Obama once again in public for his guidance during this drama. We continue to have the Obama administration at our side and, on account of all Samoans, I thank the government for its haste.

Upon my and Congressman Laura Richardson's requests, Secretary Clinton approved the immediate 92,000 pound air bridge of immediate aid from Samoan and non-Samoan congregations in the Los Angeles region, California, and from our Samoan and Tongan congregations in Salt Lake City and St. Petersburg. "In American Samoa, a group of more than 300 Federal Agency (FEMA), U.S. Red Cross, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal authorities co-ordinated missions.

" "United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, Hawaii Air National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve in American Samoa provided vital and life-saving provisions and survival gear to cover the immediate needs of the livesurvivors, which included more than 26,000 lunches of food, 14,000 litres of drinking facility, 1,800 rugs, 800 marquees, more than 800 beds and 9 palettes of health materials and surgical kits to assist in American Samoa's bulk warfare.

" "Despite an NEG catastrophe of about $5 million on averages, the U.S. Department of Labor has approved over $24 million in National Emergency Grant (NEG) funding to support cleanup and reconstruction in Samoa. Corresponding to FEMA, the programme is reimbursed, so FEMA cannot pay out until ASG requires a hand drawndown basing on the slips filed.

" "FEMA has launched a residential sector piloting programme and is planning two stages of work. The total number of households in the whole programme is currently 41. "The US Congress also provided an extra $1. 2 million to make available ASG support directly for the accident by the US Department of the Interior.

" "Samoan scholars at the Wentworth Military Academy raised $32,000 in excess of the more than $200 million described above. The remainder was given to the American Samoa Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster in Samoa (ASVOAD), and the remainder was given to their American Samoa family, and also to pay air fares to the pupils to attend their family during the period of the catastrophe.

" "As American Samoa is now on the mend, much remains to be done. However, with the belief and encouragement and prayers of our nation and the extra funding ASG receives from the German authorities as a consequence of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), we have every chance to move forward and become even more powerful than before," Faleomavaega concludes.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today declared that the House led stunningly by a poll of 386 to 5 the amended Senate of H.R. 3940, which will include Speech to postpone reserve pay rises in American Samoa for 2010 and 2011 and in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) for 2011.

"I would like first and foremost to express my gratitude to the Americans of Samoa, especially on this special date when we recall those we forgot in the devastating tidal wave that hit our island last year," said Faleomavaega. "Whilst I wish I didn't have to talk about other things on this gloomy opportunity, the realities of the situation are the days after American Samoa was hit by a tidal wave, Chicken of the Sea shut down its factory in the territory and displaced over 2,000 employees whose jobs were relocated to Thailand, where the employees are remunerated at $0.75 eurocents and less per hours for cleaning it.

" "Considering that more than 74% of US Samoa's domestic workers have been almost entirely reliant on tunnel fishery and conversion for more than 50 years and that more than 80% of our domestic economies are directly or indirectly reliant on the activities of only two tunnel converters, Chicken of the Sea and StarKist, the closing of Chicken of the Sea was disastrous, especially after a tidal wave from which we have not fully recover.

" "The closing of Chicken of the Sea and intensified Thai competitors have not allowed the American Samoa business community to offset the fast pay rises required by Swiss government legislation. As I backed a one-time gain of $0. 50 cents an hour, I pressed my peers to consider America's remoteness and the individual industrial state of our economies before insinuating further gains.

" "Congress, at my behest, instructed the US Department of Labor to carry out a survey on the effects of past, present and prospective pay rises on the American Samoa and CNMI economy. However, I am profoundly grateful that many Republicans have decided to join American Samoa in our times of need.

" "Since American Samoa has no voice in the Chamber and no Senate delegation, it has always been my politics to work with both sides in good faith, and I am thankful that both sides have helped the American Samoa population when we needed them most.

The Majority Leader and his colleagues put H.R. 3940 on the suspension schedule and helped us every move, and somewhere in the centre the Majority Leader found the opportunity to call me and let me know that he had done it. Instead, he backed the American Samoa tribe, and I am thankful for his help.

" "I' d also like to thank the Republican Congressman Doc Hastings himself, who is a ranking member of the House Committee on Natural Resources and ranking member John Kline of the House Committee on Education and Labor. "I would also like to thank Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Congresswoman Flake and I work together in the Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Congresswoman Flake is familiar with the needs of the territories himself, and he has worked side by side with me to get this through, and I appreciate his love and solidarity. "I would also like to thank Spokesman Pelosi and the Chairman of the House's Education Committee, George Miller. In the name of the American Samoa tribe, I thank them for their help.

It is with complete trust that President Obama will be signing the bill, and I trust that the Government of American Samoa will now use these delay to launch the serious diversification of our economies. "I thank once again all those who have been part of this trial, as well as the Senate and Parliamentarians.

Again my hearts go out to the sacrifices of last year's tzunami and my prayer is connected to yours," Faleomavaega concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that American Samoa will be awarded $14,564,094 by the US Department of Education under the American Samoa Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. Before today√Ę??s notification from s, American Samoa has already been awarded over $30 million in state fiscal stabilization.

"I' m glad that as a consequence of the work of the Congress delegates, the territories have been accepted into the 2009 Army Council, that American Samoa will get its just portion of state funding to stabilise its industry and raise our youth," said Faleomavaega. "American Samoa must make certain information available to the German authorities to obtain these grants, as requested by the German Armed Forces, and according to the US Department of Education, it obtained the fundamental information it needed to make this donation.

" "It will be used to educate educators and headmasters, raise the standard of education, modernise, refurbish and redevelop publicly funded education, increase accessibility to on-line assets, introduce and upgrade a trustworthy finance system and for other ends. "As well as the $14 million given today, Samoa has already raised over $30 million to help stabilise state and municipal finances, support the AdC, promote early education to post-secondary education and work-study work.

Also over $3. 4 million in Pell grants have been allocated to the students who attend college in American Samoa. "These important investment in our education and training programmes will benefit the young people of American Samoa and promote business regeneration through job creation in American Samoa. This is an occasion to thank US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his colleagues for their dedication to the American Samoa education system.

Reward our community educators, admins, headmasters and the Ministry of Education for their hardwork, guidance and excellency. Together we are building a better tomorrow for American Samoa," Faleomavaega concludes. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today said that an extra $14,564,094 is available to American Samoa under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Up to now, American Samoa has earned $53,511,721 through the ARA. "American Samoa has provided us with fundamental information about what works in their classroom with this application," Duncan said. "It is an important instrument to help us work with pupils, families, teachers, managers, church directors and senior civil servants at all levels to enhance the education of the pupils of American Samoa.

Degree to which the proposer has a nationwide longitudinal data system that contains all necessary provisions of the America COMPETES Act and how it will upgrade the system by 2011. Applicants' main needs in terms of modernisation, refurbishment and repairs of education institutions, which are primarily used for teaching, and improvement schemes for these institutions.

Advances made by the proposer in using the resources granted under Phase 1 of the State Stabilisation Fund to introduce or improve a sound system of credit. On top of the more than $14 million that have been unveiled today, the Armas have provided $38,947,627 in 7 different programmes for the state of American Samoa.

Before today's release of s, American Samoa had been awarded $30,054,434 in state tax stabilization fund through the issuance of Part 1 of the Claim. State Fiscal Stabilization Fund is a new one-off allocation of $53.6 billion that will be allocated directly to the states: Contribute to the stabilization of state and municipal finances in order to minimise and prevent cuts in education and other important publicsector attainment.

Ensuring that community education facilities (LEAs) and government universities (IHEs) have the necessary means to prevent cutbacks and keep education and staffing levels at bay. Promoting reform, from early education to post-secondary education, for the benefits of pupils and family. $251,446 in IDEA fund. Twenty-two billion dollars in supplementary financing for parts B and A of the Disability Education Act (IDEA) will be provided by the ARA.

IDEA Part B provides funding to state (SEAs) and municipal (LEAs) education institutions to make sure that disabled and disabled people, in particular those between three and five years of age, have free and adequate education to address the individual needs of each and every one of them and that they are prepared for further education, work and self-reliance.

The IDEA Part C provides resources to any government led agencies appointed by the Governor to establish nationwide schemes of co-ordinated, inclusive, multidisciplinary interagenic programmes and provide early interventions for babies and young children with handicaps and their family. 204,598 to the Vocational Rehabilitation Fund. 540 million in extra resources from the National Vocational Rehabilitation Programme (VR).

VR State Assistance offers subsidies to countries to help people with a disability, especially those with the greatest disability, get ready for, preserve and sustain work. $22,523 in the Independent Living Service Funds. IL programmes provide benefits to people with significant handicaps and the elderly who are blindfolded to maximise their governance, empowerment, autonomy and efficiency and promote disability and full disability insertion and incorporation into the US social fabric.

$4,949,278 in fixed subsidies for island areas, which include a number of subsidies under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Under which programme the premiums are grouped and may use the consolidation funds obtained for the purpose defined by this programme. Funds from Title I, school improvement, educational technology and education for homeless children and young people can be strengthened.

$3,449,629 in Pell Awards were given to pupils who attend school in American Samoa. Allocating $17. 1 billion in extra funds across the state in need of Pell Grants. Federal Pell Grant Program offers on-demand scholarships for low-income and certain Post-Baccalaureate scholars to support post-secondary education.

This extra financing enabled the Ministry of Education to increase the Pell designation from $4,731 to $5,350. $15,718 in Work-Study Funds was given to pupils who attend school in American Samoa. DRG provides an extra $200 million for the work-study programme by giving higher education institutions and higher education institutions extra resources to help them meet their tuition and cost of life.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that Congress has adopted the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. "In spite of some amendments by the Senate to the initial text adopted in June and described in an earlier news item, the fundamental principles - the state programme for the Small Business Credit Initiative and the Small Business Credit Fund - are largely intact," said Faleomavaega.

"The State Business Crime Initiative programme, managed by the Ministry of Finance, provides for Title III of the Act. Aim of the programme is to support municipalities in the development of loan entry programmes for small enterprises. Among the formula-based routine, American Samoa is suitable for a grant of not less than $13. 5 million.

In order to obtain the funding, the Government of American Samoa (ASG) must submit an Application to the Secretary, which includes an implementing schedule and programming that may cover credit guarantee, lending or security programmes that are in place in other states and territories. 2. The Faleomavaega describes: "As already mentioned, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) figures indicate that ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank is a prospective applicant for the Faleomavaega Trust as well.

"In addition, the law contains several Small Business Administration (SBA) programmes and fiscal regulations that will also apply to American Samoa. These rules will provide small companies qualifying for bank credit s in American Samoa or elsewhere, such as Hawaii or Guam, with statutory incentive and fiscal credit.

" "President Barack Obama, spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have made small businesses a top government and congressional priorities. SMEs are an integrated part of our economies and an important resource for creating jobs for billions of Americans," Faleomavaega said.

"Small Business Jobs Act 2010 underlines the essential part that small companies are playing in our economies. Faleomavaega concluded: "This law represents a pledge to promote and promote global growth and regeneration and I am delighted that these programmes will be available to small companies across the entire state, even in the US territories.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that President Obama has named Mr. Iosefa F. Aina a member of the President's Advisory Committee for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). The commission is part of President Obama's signing of the 13515 White House reintroduction order for Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Pursuant to President Obama's 13515 EC Order of 14 October 2009, a White House initiative for Asiatic Americans and Pacific Islanders and a Presidential Advisory Commission for Asiatic Americans and Pacific Islanders are to be established. Daphne Kwok is nominated by the President as President of the Commission. Mr. Iosefa Aina is currently Director of the Asia American Resource Center and Associate Dean of Students at Pomona College in Claremont, California.

Through his work as a founder member of the Pacific Islander Education and Retention, National Pacific Islander Educations Network and Empowering Pacific Islander Communities, he has been an active participant in our Pacific Island Fellowship in California. Sefa, or "Sefa" as he is commonly known to his colleagues and family, is a bachelor of arts in the University of California - Los Angeles and is currently working on his Master in Higher Education at Claremont University.

"Congratulations in person to Iosefa Aina on his nomination to the President's Advisory Committee," said Faleomavaega. "I' m particularly delighted that I have appointed Sefa to the White House for examination in this respected commission, and as I recalled him after the oath in the ceremonies, his contribution will be crucial to improve the well-being of all our Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans throughout the country.

With more than 16 million Asiatic Americans and Pacific Islanders and still increasing, the White House initiative and the work of the Commission will make sure that the standard of living and opportunity for AAPI's is improved. I look forward to working in close cooperation with the President's Advisory Committee as Vice Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Congress and a member of the Congress of American Samoa.

I' m proud of Sefa's achievement and wish him the very best when he starts this undertaking," Faleomavaega concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said he recently welcomed employees of the Social Security Administration (SSA) field office in American Samoa who travelled to Baltimore, Maryland to win the Commissioner's Team Award for their outstanding involvement in the American Samoa Tsunami Recovery Group.

This is the highest distinction in the agency and the greatest tribute to a team's achievements. It is the first American Samoa to win this acclaim. Of the eight that the Commissioner chose this year, two representative groups were the San Francisco IX area - a multifaceted area including California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island, with over 6,870 staff and 162 regional bureaus.

American Samoa Tsunami Recover Group, consisting of employees from American Samoa, Kapolei District and other San Francisco IX regions, was honored for its excellent achievements and commitment to reconstruction work following the catastrophic devastation of the American Samoa devastation. I would like to express my sincere thanks and my best wishes to the employees of the American Samoa TZS.

Congratulations on this prestigous nationwide award and thank you for your outstanding commitment to the Samoaans, especially your effort for a successful convalescence after last year's cataclysm. My thanks go to our American Samoa workers and their San Francisco counterparts, as well as the Kapolei district," said the congressman.

"Ana Tupua and her American Samoa co-workers in my D.C. D.C. office last weekend. It is appreciated that you take the opportunity to get together with me and my colleagues to review the important progress your bureau is making and some of the issues and issues facing SSA outposts across the country," the Congressman added.

"We congratulate you on being the first American Samoa unit to win the Commissioner's Teams Award. Thanks for your services and your dedication to the American Samoapeans. Congressman concluded: "I wish you all every great year. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today stated that the House, by a ballot of 240-172, H.R. 4785, the Rural Energy Savings Program Act (RESPA).

Among the bill that the House adopted, the Agriculture Minister is setting up a lending programme to help cut home power consumption and cost across the nation. t... This bill approves an allocation of $993 million to implement the lending programme. Previous information indicates that the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) can lend interest-free under the new credit programme.

ASPA is obliged to obtain a loan: 1 ) draw up a schedule of EERs aimed at reducing the consumption of electricity or the cost to vulnerable customers; 2) draw up an implementing programme for the use of the credits to make sure that a credit to a vulnerable customer at least meets the anticipated saving that the vulnerable customer would expect from the actions financed by the credit; 3) and require appropriate measuring and review to guarantee the efficacy of the EE credits granted by the relevant institutions.

A further requirement in RESPA authorises the Secretary to set up an awareness programme for credits for the use of renewable energies, in which the accredited utility must supply at least 20,000 to 80,000 clients, according to the utility's overall dimensions. Previous information indicates that ASPA is also an option for this lending demo programme. Thank you to my congressional counterparts for their effort to help Americans across the country, and I am very happy that the same advantages will be available in the US territories," Faleomavaega concludes.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that the National Collegiate Athletic Associations (NCAA) Division I Subcommittee for Legislative Relief (Subcommittee) has decided that Jeremiah Masoli may participate immediately. He sent a note and published a news item in which he appealed against the initial ruling. There' s no question that the NCAA has made the right choice and maintains its sacred remit of being an efficient and just union in this matter," Faleomavaega said.

"I' d like to thank the University of Mississippi for having believed in Jeremiah and in particular in coach Houston Nutt and athletics director Pete Boone, who got up immediately and struggled for him," Faleomavaega continues. This image is precise and will take a long way to cure some of the pains of the Masoli family," said Faleomavaega.

As a result of your effort, my bureau got an enormous amount of over 100 telephone appeals arguing his case," Faleomavaega added. They' ve been through hell in the last few month and I trust that this will be a signal for better things," said Faleomavaega. When I say that we have great expectations and great expectations of him, both on and off the ground, I believe I can talk for the remainder of the Samoan people.

I look forward to seeing him as a full member of the University of Mississippi soccer squad against Jacksonville State tomorrow," congressman concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today revealed that he has sent a note to Kevin Lennon, Vice President for Academic and Membership Affairs of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Katie Willett, Assistant Director for Academic and Membership Affairs of the NCAA, appealing against the association's ruling to ban Jeremiah Masoli from soccer at the University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss, during the 2010-2011 university year.

Mr. Masoli received a bachelor's in economics from the University of Oregon in July and was admitted to a Ph. As far as I know, Jeremiah is in full agreement with the NCAA's administration demands to request and receipt a comprehensive suspension that would allow him to gamble during the 2010-2011 seasons.

Second, he moved from a college that had no postgraduate degree programme on offer at the Mississippi University," said Faleomavaega. Jeremiah has also assumed full accountability for all allegations against him in the U.S. judicial system and has adhered to the verdicts resulting from these proceedings," Faleomavaega added.

Mr Faleomavaega also called on Mr Lennon and Mrs Willett to investigate the conditions that resulted in Jeremiah's suspicion, as described in the Sports Illustrated inquiry into his case, which can be found here: It' just and right thing to do for this young student-athlete who has not violated any NCAA guidelines or regulations," Faleomavaega closed.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that $1 million in U.S. government funding for American Samoa this year will be provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through the Grants to States for Health Insurance Premium Review Progam. Also known as the Rate Review Grant programme, it was approved under the health care reforms of the groundbreaking Affordable Care Act adopted by Congress in March.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius officially declared on 29 July that the areas benefited from almost all of the approximately two tens of measures laid down in the law and were suitable for programmes to transpose and ensure this protection. Minister Sebelius also reaffirmed that the subsidies for the US territory initially promised on June 7 will be re-opened.

Cycle I of the programme provides $1 million for each country and region that has a viable proposition. Subsidies will be paid later this autumn under a five-year programme approved under the Affordable Care Act. "The Congressman said: "I would like to thank Secretary Sebelius and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for their close cooperation with our congress bureaus to ensure that the Affordable Care Act will treat the areas fairly and fairly.

"The Congressman added: "I also thank my colleagues in Congress for their painstaking work, persistence and cooperation in further pursuing this objective during the transposition period of this law. "Since states across the country manage and implement user protection and subsidy programmes at the grassroots levels, I am grateful to HHS for giving US territory the chance to bring these advantages to our own needs," the Congressman concludes.

Congresswoman Faleomavaega today posted that American Samoa will be receiving 8,324,352 U.S. Dollars in state funds to aid educational jobs for the 2010/11 academic year. Arne Duncan recently told the US Department of Education that these education bucks will help tens of thousand jobs and let educators work in the classrooms with our pupils.

It is part of a $10 billion education grant provided by H.R. 1586, approved by Congress and endorsed by President Obama on August 10, 2010. The plan is to provide an expected 160,000 jobs in education across the country, built on the 300,000 jobs promoted by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act over the last two years.

Minister Duncan praised American Samoa in his statement for being one of the first to apply and expressed his thanks to his US Department of Education for providing funding within a few working hours. "Let me take this occasion to thank President Obama, Secretary Duncan and my congressional counterparts for their committed leadership and progress in helping educators across the country.

With our economies recovering, it is important that we give our schoolteachers the resources to concentrate on their lessons and give our pupils the necessary assistance they need in class," said the congressman. "Also I thank Dr. Claire Poumele, Director of the Department of Education of American Samoa, for her guidance and dedication to helping our professors and students," the congressman added.

"I would like to conclude by thanking all our teachers in American Samoa. You have a vital part every single working week in promoting the spirit of our young peoples, and I thank you for your untiring efforts and for changing their lives," the Congressman concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) was chosen to be awarded $290,517.

as part of the Student Support Services (SSS) program. Gabriella Gomez recently announced in a U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) statement that financing is scheduled for a one-year term from September 1, 2010. The SSS program will enable the English Language Institute (ELI) to host at least 200 English Language Center undergraduates.

Originally intended to be financed under Title IV of the Higher Education Act adopted by Congress in 1965, one of the three TRIO programmes goes back to President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty as part of a greater efforts to offer education to all Americans, irrespective of racial, ethnical origin or business conditions.

For over 15 years, the ASCC's SSS programme has provided student assistance. From this year onwards, SSS will use part of the funding on yearly travel to suspend college and university undergraduates outside the Isle. "I' m delighted to be sharing with everyone the continuing popularity of this historical and national programme in American Samoa.

TRIO's initial three programs - Upward Bound, Talent Search and Student Assistance Service - were designed to help those who would otherwise face socioeconomic or educational obstacles in America. It is a programme that mirrors the American mind of offering opportunity for all, and I am very grateful that the American Samoa Ph.

" "Thank you to Dr. Repeka Alaimoana-Nuusa, Director of the Student Union, for her commitment to continue this marvellous programme and for her perseverance in ensuring the necessary means to continually enhance the standard of student outreach. And I would like to thank the whole SSS programme staff for their loyal ministry and dedication to the success of our students," said Congressman Faleomavaega.

"Faleomavaega added, "I would also like to thank the President of the AdC, Dr. Seth Galea'i, for his missionary guidance and for making higher education in American Samoa more available. "I would also like to thank and praise all our Adoc Center alumni for their dedication and striving for higher education.

Thank you for this remarkable dedication, and I also thank your parents and your tutors for their assistance in your education. Faleomavaega concluded: "I look forward to the continuing popularity of the SSS programme, the ASCII, and the present and prospective American Samoa seminarians. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today congratulated Helenia Fagasea Wiletta Porter on her appointment to the National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) in Washington, D.C. Helenia, a senor at Moanalua High School in Honolulu, was chosen to replace the State of Hawaii at the NYLC Sommer Programme from 24 July to 2 August 2010.

NYLC programme provides an exciting and practical environment for prospective NYLC participants to get ready for the tour in the country's government. She has taken part in procedures such as "If I were President" and "Testing the Constitution". Congressman Faleomavaega. Undergraduates at the NYLC symbolise the crucible America is.

Learning from each other" was the main theme of the programme. "This is an occasion to compliment Helenia and to thank her for her dedication to training and developing her management qualities. Helenia was honoured to visit with me and my colleagues during their very full NYLC programme year.

It is truly a paragon for young Samoans throughout the entire country, by raising its ambitions while remaining anchored in its Samoan origins. I' m optimistic that she will remain a leading figure and an example, and I am praying for her continuing progress in all her efforts in the future," Faleomavaega concludes.

Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific and the Global Environment, attended the Post-Forum Dialog on August 6, 2010. He interviewed the Samoa Observer describing the results of the Forums and his view on US policies towards the Pacific Islands.

"I' d like to thank the Samoa Observer's Editor-in-Chief, Sano Malifa, for giving me the chance to agree on my opinions on issues of concern to the Pacific area. Faleomavaega said: "I would also like to thank Mr Mata'afa Keni Lesa for his work and his dedication to the interviews. I am therefore delighted that the United States Agency for International Development will at last open more Pacific Headquarters in both Fiji and Papua New Guinea," Faleomavaega added.

"Faleomavaega said: "I would like to thank Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific Kurt Campbell for making USAID return to the Pacific and improve US commitment to the Pacific island states. A meeting at the Apia Central Hotel with a member of the Congress of the United States of America was good enough reasons to take in the relatively traffic-calmed roads, as we arrived on schedule.

"Faleomavaega?" asked the hostess, who seemed to be waiting for me. The congressman opens a CD sleeve with long trousers and a pullover from the University of Utah. "He asked a member of the team. "I like to unwind, hear a few tunes and like Samoan and island musicians.

Faleomavaega had one of the best votes in both Samoas and I was very excited to have him. Congressman is in Apia for one overnight on his way to American Samoa. "New Zealand and Australia's attempt to penalise Fiji has led to some "bad developments", emphasises the Congressman.

The Faleomavaega and Governor Togiola Tulafono (right) are important figures in the area. "But if it is everyone’ sins that " the man is down", the deputy is asked. "Faleomavaega answers, "I think it is the developments that have taken place in Fiji's world. "Faleomavaega says that what is written in the majorstream press is not necessarily what is going on in Fiji.

" You' ve been very frank about your view of engaging Fiji, but when you look at things that come from the American Ambassador in Suva, do you seem to disagree with them? "When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to the United States, Faleomavaega said she ignored most Asian states. "So when she said she would only visit Australia and Papua New Guinea, I said well that I was really happy that she wanted to come to the Pacific, but what about the other states?

" China's increasing impact in the area does not seem to disturb Congressmen too much. "Congratulations and congratulations to China on its effort to help the Pacific island states, because what is America doing about it? "I will say one thing I am happy to say that at last with the Obama administrator, Clinton and Campbell at the Forum I have made this message that USAID will be reestablished and the Fiji bureau and I too think will be there.

" Congressman has also been very open about West Papua. "cWe are very worried about some of the West Papuan development in relation to the West Papuan regime and its handling of the West Papuan population. "I know that a new president has just been chosen and he is trying his best under the given conditions, but at the same in West Papua, I believe the current state of affairs is something that the Obama leadership should not ignore or reject.

" Congressman is very concerned about problems in American Samoa. "Over the last 40 or 60 years, the entire global and American Samoa tuning industries have undergone complete change. "What happens is that this American firm named Bumble Bee has altered its tactics by purchasing its loin from Thailand, Fiji, where employees are getting about 70 europ/h. The money is being spent to pay for the work...".

I therefore call for the only canned canning factory willing to remain in Samoa to be saved. "He says the American Samoa needs the tuning fish industrys. But the trouble is that the other two tinning factories, Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea, were strongly opposed to what I was trying to do to help a business like StarKist[and save 2000 jobs in American Samoa].

" StarKist and other businesses have the opportunity to settle in (Western) Samoa. "I' m encouraging Star Kist to look to West Samoa. There' s also another cannery firm I have been encouraging to come to W. Samoa to start a business because this firm has the capability. West Samoa has more country grain growing capability, farm produce things, not only tinned tuna, but also fruit and vegetable.

" The Faleomavaega assumes that StarKist is planning to build a lumbar farm here. "He says it would give our folks here work to work with the tuna." "As so many of our staff (who work in American Samoa) come from W. Samoa - I would say 70 to 80 percent of the workforce - the facility will help them enormously.

"Since last year, since Chicken of the Sea has gone, I don't know what long-term economical growth plan there are," says the congressman. "Faleomavaega is worried by the lack of future prospects. "Another contentious question was the governor, who made a suggestion to the effect that Am Samoa has the right to deny the application of US laws (federal laws) that the US transfers to the area.

" In American Samoa, the recent shootout in which a policeman was murdered outside the courthouse was supposed to be a wake-up call. "but I say, why should we be surprised?" asks Faleomavaega. "There' s a serious effect on the existence of drugs," says Faleomavaega.

"and I say this says something about the drugs trade in Samoa. "Asked whether he endorses the use of the capital punishment against the suspected perpetrator, the congressman says it is hard to say when the trial is due. Faleomavaega is satisfied with the new president after two years of Obama's rule.

"He also tried to call on Islamic nations and those who believe in the Islamic faith not to regard America as an antagonist. "Today, as our economies stabilise, jobs have been very hard to manage in this world. "I think what our US government and even the Democratic Party are saying is that we need to recall what state this nation was in before Obama came in.

" Faleomavaega is the first colourful chairman to say that this is still a dogma in America. "that it' s 400-fold the effort to murder this man than any other man. "He is 49 years old, and he's doing very well in terms of person. "You can only have someone in America whose dad comes from Kenya and whose mom is a Kansas girl to get married, then his dad will leave him when he is only two years old and he was brought up by his family.

"I' m proud to say it about the unique nature of American democracies. "Congressman Faleomavaega today said that in a common document of 6 August 2010, the local representatives asked the honourable Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (HHS), to add the areas to the Ministry's website on health care reforms.

Minister Sebelius, as the members of Congress who represent the five US territories, we are writing to draw your interest to the website "Healthcare. gov", recently launched by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). "We call on the Ministry to review its rules or otherwise use its powers to involve our jurisdiction.

Faleomavaega and the representatives concluded: "Thank you for your painstaking work on this bill and for your speedy examination of this proposal. "Congressman Faleomavaega today said that the American Department of Education has received $500,000 from Samoa. Ongoing as part of the Teaching American History Grants Program.

During a recent U.S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary at the Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs, Gabriella Gomez, Faleomavaega, announced that the American Samoa Department of Education's suggestion for financing under the Teaching American Historical Program has been chosen. American Samoa Teaching American Historic (ASTAH) is a program developed to enhance teachers' understanding of American learning and to give them the education, assistance and experience they need to pass this understanding on to their pupils and enhance their performance.

Upon successfully completing the Elemental Coordination, the Department of Education of American Samoa may request a US$33333,299 in grants. In total, the 50 instructors will be representing 23 primary and 6 secondary school and each group will take part in over 400 lessons of the ASTAH programme.

As well as improving substantive literacy and educational ability, the programme will offer the opportunity for further education based on both American Samoa contents as well as the district's guidelines. "Congrats and thanks to Ms. Donna Gurr, Assistant Director of the American Samoa Department of Education (Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability) for her commitment in ensuring this subsidy for our American Samoa community schools," said Congressman Faleomavaega.

"It is the first year that American Samoa has submitted and been chosen for this programme and I am delighted that our educators and pupils will be able to take full advantage of the strict training thanks to the involvement of our managers in this area. "I would also like to thank and praise Dr. Claire Poumele, Director of the Department of Education of American Samoa, for her managerial qualities and her continued engagement in delivering rewarding experience to our educators and youngsters.

Prior to implementing a programme like ASTAH, we first need committed educators who take the opportunity to enhance their expertise and abilities to enhance their pupils. Thank you for your painstaking work, your enthusiasm and for having motivated our young people to reach the highest possible level of education.

Faleomavaega concluded: "I am looking forward to the far-reaching advantages of the ASTAH programme for our instructors and especially for our schoolchildren. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that $1,510,019 is available in the form of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Emergency Shelter Grants and the HOME Investment Partnerships Programme for American Samoa.

Speaking in a recent U.S. Department of housing and urban by the Assistant Secretary for Communal Planning and Developing to All Formula Grantees (HUD), Mercedes Marquez said these programmes will enable the financing of residential, communal and business growth and support for low and middle incomes and specific groups across the state.

American Samoa will be given as part of the funding made available today: Marquez, Assistant Secretary, also pressed scholarship holders to consider the needs of returnees and their family in designing and managing these programmes. It encourages them to consider their victims and "ensure that they get all due compensation when using these resources at their own level".

CDBG (Community Developing Block Grant) is a versatile programme that provides municipalities with the necessary tools to meet a broad spectrum of specific needs in municipal planning. Since 1974, the CDBG programme has been one of the longest continuous programmes at the HUD. The integrated approach emphasises the involvement of low and middle-income people, especially those living in areas where the scholar suggests the use of CDBGs.

It must offer citizens: appropriate and prompt DeepL to meet locally; an occasion to examine the suggested actions and programme services; prompt responses to writing claims and appeals. At least 70 per cent of CDBG funding must be used over a 1, 2 or 3 year span, depending on the scholarship holder's choice, for low and middle-income individuals.

Furthermore, any activities must fulfil one of the following domestic goals of the programme: promotion of low and middle-income people, preventing or eliminating slum or stigma or pressing needs of local authority growth in the context of serious or immediate risks to the public safety or well-being of municipalities that do not have direct contact with other financial wells.

Emergency shelter grants provide vital accommodation and support as well as support for homelessness reduction for people at serious danger of homelessness due to evictions, foreclosures or business interruptions. Scholarship holders, i.e. state and municipal authorities, large towns, municipalities and US territory, are awarded ESG subsidies and make these resources available to authorized beneficiaries, who may be either municipal authorities or non-profit organisations.

The ESG will be used for the renovation or reconstruction of a property used as new accommodation, for the operation and upkeep of the facilities, for key support inputs (e.g. case handling, medical and psychological care, advice on drug misuse, child care, etc.), for the avoidance of homelessness and the administrative of grants. HOME is the biggest state and municipal subsidy dedicated solely to providing affordably priced residential space for low-income homes.

It has been developed to strengthen some important church building core beliefs and principles: HOME's versatility is particularly important for American Samoa. It enables empowering and empowering others and societies to develop and execute policies that are appropriate to their own needs and their own personalities. In areas such as American Samoa, which often have unparalleled needs and opportunities to solve residential problems for low-income groups, mobility is critical.

The HOME also offers scholarships with formulas that municipalities often use in partnerships with community-based non-profit groups to finance a broad variety of initiatives, such as the renovation of accessible accommodation for hire or home ownership and to provide immediate support to those on low incomes. The HOME-Fonds are granted each year as an annual subsidy to the districts involved.

The HUD sets up HOME Investment Trust Fund for each scholarship holder and provides a line of finance to which the courts may have recourse if necessary. It is flexible enough to allow states and municipalities to use HOME resources for subsidies, fixed term lending, mortgage bonds or other types of debt improvement or rent subsidies and bail.

"This is an occasion to thank my congressional counterparts and President Obama for ensuring the financing of these important fellowship programmes. I' m sure that we can all achieve important objectives of municipal policy throughout the country through their strong cooperation with state and municipal authorities," said Faleomavaega.

This money is insignificant without committed employees who go into the fields and provide good programmes and support. Many thanks for your painstaking work for our people," congressman concludes. "It is important, as Assistant Secretary Marquez repeated, that we monitor the advancement of these programmes to make sure that this financing helps us reach our objectives and fulfill the needs of our employees.

Although your work seems to be behind the scene, the dates and figures you are producing are necessary to make headway and further improve," the Congressman added. Congressman Faleomavaega today congratulated Minnesota Mayor Elizabeth Malae Tuiasosopo Faumuina Langkilde Kautz, President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and Burnsville, on her outstanding conduct at the City Mayors' annual conference, which took place in Oklahoma City last months.

"Mayor Kautz is to be congratulated on her excellent conduct at last month's Mayors' Conference and on her dedication to the service of American towns and cities through this valued USCM President's position," said Faleomavaega. Last January, Mayor Kautz headed a mission of more than 230 US majors during the USCM's 1978th Winter Meetings, which also involved a get-together with President Obama and cabinet members to debate urban joblessness and the problems of the city' s economy.

Mayor Kautz acts as President as USCM's natural and international spokesperson, the government's impartial organisation of towns and cities with 30,000 or more inhabitants. At the end of the Mayor of Seattle, Greg Nickels, Kautz was officially opened as President of the United States Conference of Mayors for the sixteenth time. Now she will take up her office as President until June 2011.

She will also be the longest acting president in the 78-year organisation's career. In collaboration with her management of Philadelphia, including Vice President Antonio Villaraigosa, Second Vice President of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter, and Executive Director Tom Cochran, President Kautz will chair all formal sessions and implement the cross-party policy agendas adopted by the country's leaders.

Mayor Kautz graduated from Samoana High School in 1965 with a bachelor's degree in theology with a major in psychology from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. As a pro-active guide and a fervent intercessor, she is a good example for our Samoan nation, our church directors, officials and above all for our young men and woman.

I' m grateful to Elizabeth for raising the standards for our staff and for being a forerunner in her field," said Faleomavaega. Whilst there are many instances of their ministry to the wider fellowship, I would like to highlight the particular USCM mayors' recent USCM Mayor Kautz visit to New Orleans to find out more about the disastrous effects of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and to show their continued commitment to the leaders, inhabitants and small business in the region," the Congressman added.

"Mayoress Elizabeth Kautz is an example for all of us and I wish her well in her ministry as USCM President, Mayor of Burnsville and in all her efforts in the future," the Congressman concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said he will travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey to root for "tapua'i" and David Tua when he battles Monte "Two Guns" Barrett next time.

"Together with many of our Samoan brethren and nurses, I look forward to supporting our Samoan champ and heroes David Tua in his eagerly awaited battle against Monte Barrett tonight. I' m also glad that this struggle has been taken to American ground, where our Samoan fellowship will gather around one of our own children as he pursues his return.

It is just another move towards his aim of being in another championship fight," said the Congressman. He is also his modest nature and sympathy that make him a heroe and an example for our population. David's help to the Samoa Americans after the devastation of last October's tidal wave was well remembered.

And we can never ignore his generousness to our nation. He will continue to be a triumphant man who will remain faithful to his Samoan legacy, and his Samoan brethren and nurses will gather behind him in the United States, American Samoa and around the globe tomorrow," the congressman concludes. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today said that the US State Department, through the Bureau of Consular Affairs, will introduce a new tariff for passport, immigration and non-immigration visa and other consular service fees as of July 13, 2010.

The two-year survey shows the actual costs of the provision of these key public service activities, according to the Federal Foreign Office. "In view of the continuous voyages of many of our voters to the Pacific and continental United States, I strongly suggest that many of those who do not have or wish to reissue their passes should do so before July 13, 2010," said Faleomavaega.

"Since the last increase in Foreign Ministry charges in 2008 following the introduction of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the new travel pass charges have been significantly higher. In case you have any queries regarding passports or the scale of charges, please do not hesitate to ask our municipal post in Fagatogo or come and see my Utulei office," Faleomavaega closed.

This will include an implementation charge of $25, which will not be withheld by the State Department. Congresswoman Faleomavaega today declared that although the Senate did not get the 60 votes it needs to overturn a 2010 American Jobs and Closing tax Loopholes Act Republican filibree, or H.R. 4213, which will include a $18 million proposal for American Samoa instead of 30A fiscal advantages, it is still desperate that an accord will be reached. A.

"This $18 million inquiry for American Samoa is only a small prescription in a $112 billion bill. It has to stretch 5 billion jobless benefit to the millions of Americans without jobs," Faleomavaega said. "Unfortunately, on June 24, 2010, all Republicans in the Senate and a Democrat cast their vote against the bill being moved to the ground, quoting that they would not back an increasing budget shortfall, even for the benefit of the unemployed," Faleomavaega said.

" "Considering that President Obama has received about $1.4 trillion from the Bush administration, it is clear that the H.R. 4213 Philippine is not about deficits. Things have been said, unless the Republicans are changing their approach, one million unemployed every five months, and that is not right.

" "Finally, I believe our land will contract and get a prolongation bill done, extending jobless benefit for the Millions of Americans who need help and need help now. That may mean that Congress will re-bundle prolongers or unemployed people' s benefit into different bundles, but whatever the case may be, I will remain doing everything in my power to ensure that American Samoa' s application for an economy develops, as it is necessary for our rehabilitation effort after a disastrous tidal wave and the closing of one of our most important employer, who has relocated about 2,000 of our jobs to low-wage nations like Thailand," concludes Faleomavaega.

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