Easter Island Bodies

Body of Easter Island

This is The Secret Bodies Of The Easter Island Heads. Isle of Easter. It is inhabited by icons of rock sculptures that look like huge minds, and its origins have amazed the historian since their discovery. There is more to these enigmatic sculptures than you can see at first glance! Continue reading to explore the secret side of these sculptures.

Stonefigures have been a puzzle for hundreds of years, because archeologists could not find out who made them or why they were no longer made.

In addition, Easter Island is situated in the heart of nowhere. Do you know they have bodies hidden far below the surface? Digging out the bury statue is a long but worthwhile work. At its highest point, the sculptures are almost 40ft high.

Do you think of yourself as a seaman who stops on an island to relax? It is said that the sculptures were made by a respected handicraft group. It was inscribed on the World Heritage Register in 1994. However, this is only part of what makes the visit to the island so irresistible.

There were corpses in those sculptures buried in the ground! You really wonder what else is on Easter Island.

There' s bodies under the huge minds of Easter Island.

All of us grew up with these huge rock faces on the island of so many of us are dreaming of coming to visit them and looking for ourselves, it seems now that when we travel we will see more than our forefathers ever did. This is because there are about 150 sculptures that have been dug up to the shoulder on the slopes of a vulcano, and these are the most popular, prettiest and most beautifully shot of all Easter Islands.

On Easter Island, several hundred fine sculptures bear testimony to the breakdown of Polynesia's most progressive Megalithstillism. The Easter Island is one of the most secluded and populated Isles in the run. Pitcairn Island is 1,289 leagues away from the closest populated country (approx. 50 inhabitants in 2013); the closest city with over 500 inhabitants is Rikitea, on Mangareva Island, 1,619 leagues away; the closest mainland point is only in the centre of Chile, 2,182 leagues away.

Easter Island's great rock sculptures, or mai, were engraved in the time between 1100-1680 A.D. (rectified radio-carbon data). 887 monumental figures were catalogued on the island and in the museum's collection.

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