Mamanuca and Yasawa Island groups

The Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands offer you the best of both worlds. What is the booking procedure for boat transfers to your island resort and how much does it cost? Mamanuca Islands of Fiji is a volcanic archipelago stretching from Nadi to the Yasawa Islands. Yasawa Islands lie in a line that runs north from the Mamanuca archipelago to the northeast of the main island Viti Levu. You are located west of Nadi and south of another large Fijian group, the Yasawa Islands.

Yasawa and Mamanuca Groups travel guide

It seems that a brief trip by boat from Nadi, the Yasawa and Mamanuca Island is a special one. Mamanuca' s glistening hot and cold water and glistening shore fulfil the promises of the high gloss booklets and fulfil the ski commuters' dream. The Yasawas, their vulcanic co-ins, are shrouded in luxuriant verdant leaves that stretch from cliffy summits to the water's edge, where snorkellers are exploring untouched cliffs and their colourful people.

Castaway, featuring Tom Hanks, was shot on the small inhabited Monuriki but the Mamanuca Islands have a more hospitality. They provide the greatest possible mix of accommodation in a Fiji area, with single, couple and family accommodation, the kind of family, the kind of cousin your partner wanted to host, and a few that will appeal to all four.

More secluded, volcanic Yasawas have long been a haven for all-inclusive hostellers, but floatplanes now thwart the group and take visitors to luxuryresort. Yasawas are home to the Blue Lagoon, which is used in the movie of the same name with Brook Shields and is considered one of the most original among many stunning coral-covered aquas.

Here you will find all the hallmarks of the untouched tropic paradise - fantastic snorkelling, water skiing, and good diving - here. However, the best is for snorkellers who can go snorkelling with coral shark and even mantas (in season) up in the Yasawas. Meet the beach brilliant whit, caressing and caressing lyophilized, there is the perfect beach promenade in every budget group.

Surfing, party sand and inexpensive accommodation and food are enough to make young travellers toast with Fiji Bitter until well into the evening. Is there a better setting for parascending, skiing, sailing, snorkelling or kayaking? In the smaller resort, when it came from the ocean, it was probably captured today..... probably right over there....

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