D Urville Island Fishing

Fishing D Urville Island

Screamin Reels' boys make a short detour to a snapper drop before embarking on a mighty kingfisher. Came back today from four days in and around D'urville Island/French Pass. This is Awesome snapper fishing, D'Urville Island, New Zealand. In spite of the proximity to strong tidal currents (see whirlpools in the guide), life on D'Urville Island could not be more relaxed. One of Marlborough's best sea fishing and diving is off the island of Urville and the French pass, where you will find the right places.

D'Urville Island Fishing - Search for the best spot by D'Urville French

Writer Darryl French with a 20-pound D'Urville Island yellow-tailed kingfisher. View to the island D'Urville, where it is situated, and what kind of fishing we have here. D'Urville Island is situated at the northwest end of the Marlborough Sounds, at the tip of the South Island. It is nineteen sea-mile long and eight leagues broad at its broadest point.

There is a small French pass that separates the island from the coast. It is about 1/4 nautical miles but has a large wall of reefs stretching almost all the way. The pass really only has two navalable parts of land in it, the 60 meter broad Fisherman's Passage and the 60 meter broad Canal.

Throughout the pass, the current as the flood from Tasman Bay to Admiralty Bay, i. e. ebs and wwww. Tasman Bay, is quite rapid and reaches up to eight kn. at high jumping spur. You have to be very careful when driving or fishing through the French pass, as it is a very erratic stretch of sea and can vary at any moment in the winds and waves.

Due to the extreme climatic conditions, the western side has a better fishing opportunity at certain periods of the year when the catches are larger. On this side of the island you should also be careful with the current and the weathers. However, if you choose the date and observe the climate, fishing is certainly a worthwhile option.

I' d recommend to go with someone who has a great deal of previous experiences with the pass when it is your first one. Tunas were also occasionally captured in this amazing area. After all, the bottom of the island has good fishing and scuba dipping around the paddocks, cattle drum cliffs and remote cliffs like Hope Rock.

If you don't want to go fishing all the time, there are other things to do on the island, such as hiking, trekking, mountain bike, lake kayak and motorcycling, to name but a few. This would certainly be the same as many places on the North Island. Maps with the position of the French pass between the island of D'Urville and the south isle.

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