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Boat trip on the Rhine on Fred. The smaller, friendlier riverboat Olsen's Brabant offers hours of unforgettable cruises and stops at beautiful destinations. On one side Rhine-Germany, on the other France. Pull your boat along the picturesque Rhine with our interactive river cruise guide. Cruise river ports on river cruises of all major cruise lines.

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Hilly fortresses, luxuriant river banks and fairytale towns are the focus of our Rhine cruise through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Together with the Main and Moselle the Rhine is one of the most fascinating river basins in Europe. While admiring the enchanting Netherlandish wind-mills and the vineyards of Germany, you lift a glas of wine to the wonderful views, which offer themselves on one of the Rhine crossings lying below.

Cruise along the Rhine to the centre of Central Europe, where magnificent fortresses, fairy-tale towns and culture centres have long witnessed it all. Riverside is full of historical treasure, pristine nature and pulsating capital cities. Some of the things you' ll learn from Viking: Copyright 2018 edition Res.

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With 766 leagues from the Swiss Alps to Rotterdam, the mighty Rhine is one of the largest navigable in Europe. Your cruise on the Rhine is infinitely captivating. In an instant you glide past thick woods or lofty slopes that rise to over 1,000 ft, topped by the perilous remains of palaces that once took toll fees from seafarers by.

At the next minute you pass precipitous vines, in which world-famous Riesling or Gew├╝rztraminer wine is made. There are also the beautiful river promenades of river cities, charming quays of stones, magnificent sluices, and Oxbow ponds - long abandoned by the river - which make marvellous harbours for the avifauna. However, there is nothing better than the excitement of sliding onto the river harbour boardwalk and catching tempting glances at what is onshore.

We' ll then return to your boat - for the next leg of your charming trip along the Rhine.

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It is not only a river of splendour, but also an important way of transportation through Europe. By connecting the Rhine with the Main and Moselle, it is simple to discover even more of Europe. - Visit our Rhine in Flames Cruise and experience the spectacle of the Rhine Valley firework displays during the yearly grape-harvesting.

  • Wherever you go, you' ll find charming palaces imbued with historical and folkloric treasures. - Besides the breathtaking view from the boat, the Koblenz cable car offers the ideal viewpoint over the Rhine, which leads you up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

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